Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, August 11, 2017

Updated MGL Blog : Schedule for shooting is set until August 22 : 2017.08.11

Good! 🌹

Posted by MGL staff blog, thank you!

                    스케쥴    :       22 일까지 가스케쥴 입니다   
Schedule        :        Up to August 22 

     미술의뢰서            :          소품 구매 의뢰서 
Art reference          :            Order book



  1. I am here again^^
    Did you know what is the Park Si Hoo's role in his new drama? I really have ni idea about it :(

    1. Hi Ahlam H. : No problem, happy to answer your question. That's what I love to do ( if I know the answer^^)
      This is his role : Park Si Hoo’s character is the only son of Haesung Group’s CEO, currently working as the head of its strategic department. Having earned his MBA degree in America, he returned to familiarize himself with the family business and is going through an informal apprenticeship as the successor who will become the company’s next leader.

      A born aristocrat, he’s a gentleman through and
      through with his polite manners and chic charisma.

    2. And little bit more from yesterday news : Noblesse Obliger, who has been a principle man
      and able to keep a line between parents and children, he is going to reveal
      his charm that has been latent inside him from a result of many circumstances.

    3. And if you have any more question, please do not hesitate to ask. I'm here to spread the work of Park Si Hoo so that's my dedication for this blog!
      Thank you for stopping by!^^

    4. OMO I really i appreciated for your answer ^^
      Now i got what SiHoo's role and really hope his drama becomes popular.
      One last thing i love your blog ♥️♥️

    5. Hahaha! Now I got it why PSH likes to hear fans said " they love him " It gives him energy! Thanks for loving my blog!^^