Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Korean blog : Korean star actor, Park Si Hoo! Finally comeback to the airwave! On KBS, My Golden Life

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Link : SDcompany, thank you!

Hallyu star! Actor Park Si-hoo is finally here !! soon!!! 2 September 2, 017 !!! 
Hallyu star Park Sihoo returns asChoi Do Kyung, 
which has a cool & warmth character in KBS drama 'My Golden Life'  !

'My father is strange' followed by 'My Golden Life', which will broadcast 
the first episode on September 2. It is about three girls who want to get out of the poverty. 
It's written by Hyun Kyung Soo from KBS 2TV 'My daughter Seo Young-yi' 
and KBS 2TV ' Kim  Gye-rally on You' 

It is a work that collects hot topic before broadcast. 

The production team of 'My Golden Life' had finished with the golden family lineup 
that's sure to be seen, including " Park Sihoo - Shin Hyesun - Lee Tae Hwan - Seo Eun Soo 
Chun Ho Jin - Kim Hyeon - Jeon Min - Na Young Hee " I added a reversal to create 
a new weekend drama. We would like to give a lot of interesting stories to the viewers 
because they are going to give the audiences the same kind of fun. " 

Actor Park Sihoo, who returned to terrestrial drama in about five years after SBS
 'Cheongdam-dong Alice' broadcasted in December 2012 through 'My Golden Life', 
posted an article " We posted the photos here also.

 In the picture, with a smiling face wearing sunglasses and gazing at the camera. 

Actor Park Sihoo, who is in the process of returning to the ground after five years, 
has continued his activities in the domestic and foreign circles. 
In order to repay the love of overseas fans, Hallyu star Park Sihoo makes 
donations and charitable activities to the underprivileged , 
In addition to taking the initiative,
Since 2010, his hometown, 
He has been steadily contributing to the elderly living alone, 
low-income families, and the hard-hit neighbors in welfare blind spots. 

(The collected 2.42 tons of rice 10kg 242 included in the 4 years 2017 January 14, 
Father of actor, Park Sihoo, Mr. Park Yong Hun did for the needy, 
the underprivileged in Buyeo is look to pass. )

Actor Park Si-hoo, who had a five-year long maturity 
and was about to return to the terrestrial. 
A lot of fans have been waiting for him and expecting to have a nice performance 
in front of the television. I look forward to your wonderful appearance,
 cool acting, and more wonderful activities.

Credit : DScompany, thank you!

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