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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, September 23, 2017

MGL : MV Compilation from Episode # 7 photos preview

VIDEO with OST " Beautiful girl "

Photos courtesy by KBSdrama, thank you!

Thank you for watching!^^

News : About KBS dramas' rating...and My Golden Life

This news isn't directly to drama " My golden Life " or Park Si Hoo.
But some part of the article gave us information 
what's going on with KBS dramas lately.
And I know you will be happy to hear this!^^

News is talking about a new drama " Witch Hunt " that will be on air in November.
Pictures show you the main actress of " Witch Hunt "

You may recognized her from Park Si Hoo's previous drama in 2005-2006

" What planet are you from ? 

Yes, she is the main actress of that drama.

Okay, now let me show you the article that interested me 
and hope it will interested you as well!

From the article...

최근 KBS 드라마는 초라한 신세를 면치 못하고 있다. KBS 2TV 월화 드라마
 '맨홀-이상한 나라의 필'(극본 이재곤/연출 박만영 유영은)은 지난 8회 방송에서
 최저 시청률 1.4%(이하 닐슨코리아 전국 기준)를 기록했다. 이는 1991년 시청률
 조사가 시작된 이래 지상파 드라마 시청률 중 최저치다. '맨홀' 측은 지난 4일 작가와
 공동연출자를 추가로 투입하며 반등을 꾀했지만 여전히 2%를 
웃도는 수준에 그치고 있다.

지난 11일 첫 방송된 KBS 2TV 수목 드라마 '란제리 소녀시대'(극본 윤경아/연출 홍석구)
는'제2의 써니'를 기대하던 야심작이었다. 1970년대를 배경으로 한 만큼 복고 열풍을
 노렸지만 3사 드라마 중 동시간대 꼴찌를 기록하고 있다. KBS 2TV 주말 드라마
 '황금빛 내 인생'(극본 소현경/연출 김형석)이 KBS 주말극 흥행불패 명맥을 이으며 
유일하게 자존심을 세우고 있는 상황이다. KBS 드라마국의 위기라는 말이 
흘러나올 수밖에 없다.

English translation

Recently, KBS drama has been shabby.
 KBS 2TV Weekday drama 'Manhole: Wonderland's Pil'

(written by Lee Jae - gon / directed by Park Man - yong Yoo Young - eun) 
recorded the lowest audience rating of 1.4% (Nielsen Korea nationwide) in the last 8 episodes. This is the lowest percentage of terrestrial TV dramas since the 1991 audience rating survey. 'Manhole' has tried to rebound by additional writers and co-directors on April 4, 
but it is still just lower than 2%. 

Manhole's Rating (16 episodes)

KBS 2TV drama "Girls' Generation 1979" 

(written by Yoon Kyung-a / directed by Hong Suk-ku), which will broadcast 
the first episode on September 11, was an ambitious project that looked forward
 to the second sunny. It is based on the 1970s as a backdrop for the retro craze, 
but the 3rd episode and the latest was recorded as the last ranking. 

Girls' Generation 1979's rating

KBS 2TV weekend drama 'My Golden Life' 

(Written by Soo Hyung Kyung / directing Kim Hyung-suk) 
is the only situation where pride is on the KBS weekend drama. 

My Golden Life's Rating

The crisis of the KBS drama station is inevitable. 


How do you think of that?


Making good drama not just luck but it's involve 3 important ingredients ; 
Good scriptwriter, Good director, and good casts!

And My Golden Life has the best of all ingredients!


Friday, September 22, 2017

KBS Blog : What is the appearance of the 2nd repertoire of life? Part # 2

Mission Miss No Myung Hee said, "What you need,

Instead , it's your homework today. "

Women's wear store . After carefully choosing clothes



( I do not want you to ) I'm your brother...I have to help you with this. 

"Well, what did you buy ?? Let me see the list "
receipts and  Mrs. No Myeong Hee checking each shopping list

You imagined only enter wealthy group 
would be smooth 
That's No No ~~
It will now start in earnest. 
♨  Eagle Eagle patpat ♨


You work here? 
He's too embarrassed to the proposal 

He threw something in the bag without a gap! 
resume? Confession letter? Money envelope?

Did not malman each 
hyeokyi likes Jian and for Jian, it's such a burden hyeokyi

염 I watched a lot in other dramas Scene scene ??

The story is sincerely developed, but in 
fact, you know this warm atmosphere?

Thank you for the pose for the shooting team ♥


Nam- gu, who is always look glumpy, we're slowly releasing the story of Nam- gu.

"I can not tell you about the secret ingredient."

Namgu , turn his head

He finds Woo-hee and crouch and hide in a  moment 
... The relationship between Nam-gu and Woo-hee will soon be revealed!

I took a break and we took snapshots of the BUN .


[Recommendation] Beam development  & one hour 

 Net Isaac as made famous <My golden life> This week is just a scene! 
It is highly recommended as watching point .


VIDEO Ep. 7 (With English Sub.)

Credit : kstagramtime, thank you!

[7th episode preview] What do you think I am ...?!
<My Golden Life> 

9.23 (Sat) 
7:55 pm Go to
KBS2 !

Credit : KBSdrama, thank you!

KBS Blog : What is the appearance of the 2nd repertoire of life? Part # 1

My golden life in the series
[My Golden Life] 
What is the appearance of the 2nd repertoire of life?
KBS Drama's profile picture
KBS drama
September 22, 2017

Starting this week, 
It is Jian franco's  (no, no) Eun Seok? 

Her second act of life will be revealed.

Where did you go?
Eun Seok entangled 
conglomerate life (?)

Take a deep breath.

Proudly  departure » » »

Why do you come to my house? Often!

Real world probability 
0 . 0000000000 ...... 0000000000 1 %

Choi Do Kyung showed up 
to take the first step in the yard ... We are siblings? (Is this possible?)

Let us hold you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mother

I am ..... Choi  Do Kyung ... (?) 
Welcome back.
(A honorifics way of showing +

"I will give a present to my sister."

I'm not comfortable with it, but I endure it ㅠ ㅠ

Even last week
Chasing him  ↔  Chasing her

( VDO Appear )

Chasing ↔ Chasing 

Brother ↔ (Anchin) brother 
relationship is changing rapidly


To be continued...

Credit : KBSdrama, thank you!