Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, May 11, 2018

Why I decide to stop blogging?

To my dear readers and friends!

This announcement isn't a sad farewell (for me^^)

Not many of you know I started running a blog for Park Si Hoo since early 2012.

From Thai blog called...

 " All about Park Si Hoo "

Later started my 2nd one in English called...

 " Park Si Hoo...A Son of Buyeo "

And another one during Park Si Hoo's movie " Scent " in 2013 called...

" Park Si Hoo in Scent "

Besides blogs I had accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instargam as well!

Yes, It's more than 6 years of hardship!

And Park Si Hoo's last drama " My Golden Life " 
was toughest but happiest work for me at the same time.

Got up at 2:30 am to watch " Live " broadcast and posted story or pictures
after the episodes ended. This isn't include dialy news, videos, pictures, 
and so much more every single days for 8 months.

And I know I will do it again when his new drama will be confirmed.

And that make me have to make this decision...

I want to do it again?

I know myself, I can't stop if I still running the blog. Hahahaha!

So the only one way to stop me from doing that 
I have to stop this blog completely!

This is my final decision after thinking about it 
since Park Si Hoo finished his vacation in " Guam "

As I said this is not a sad farewell at all.

I consider it's a happy ending after a long journey to support Park Si Hoo.

Park Si Hoo had landed safely again in Korean entertainment world

His new works after " My Golden Life " will consider as 
another classic works for us, his fans to enjoy!

It's another reason I feel confident that 
Park Si Hoo or you (readers) doesn't need my support here anymore.

After closing this blog, 
I will continue posting something on my instagram.


Thanks again for your support and friendship you have given to me for all these years.

It will be a big chapter of my life I will never forget for the rest of my life.




Thursday, May 3, 2018

Park Si Hoo will hold ENISHI Premium Event 2018 in Japan on Sun, July 1!

This year, ENISHI Event 2018 will be held on July 1 (Sunday) in Japan. 

And this event will be the time that
Park Si Hoo will keep his promised of " Hug "
If drama "My Golden Life exceeded 30%".

And another reason he decided to do it early this year 
because he is considering to appear in a new drama right now. 
So the sooner is bettter for him and his tight schedule after the shooting begins!


From Japn Fan Club site

Hello! It is Park Official Japan official fan club secretariat.

Also this year, I will connect ENISHI (Edge) of Mr. Si Hoo and all my fans

The original magazine " ENISHI " to spend memories together

We have decided to hold readers limited premium event !

The " ENISHI " reader limited premium event of this time ,

I think it has become a hot topic among Park Si Hoo's fans 
after he said this last year...

"When the audience rating of " My golden life " exceeds 30% ,
 I will give you a hug at next meeting of " ENISHI "event !"

He has made a promise!

That promised day! !

It was finally decided! !

" ENISHI " Readers Limited Premium Event Holding Date!

 July 1 (Sunday) 

The place is in Japan (some place ) ! !

Will it be held earlier than usual ...? !

I think that some people think.

As you all know, Si Hoo is actually considering appearance in a new drama now.

If that appearance is decided, "realization of commitment " 
at the usual time may become difficult.

Respecting the intention of such Mr. Si Hoo 's desire to protect the commitment, 
it was schedule earlier than usual.

Details will be announced at noon on May 8th , so please be patient.

" ENISHI " 2018 Subscription acceptance, ↓ here! 
※ For this event, only " ENISHI " 2018 subscribers can participate


Park Si Hoo in back cover of T.O.P magazine Vol. 60


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

ENISHI Interview : Career as Actor & Director

Link :

Shared by skkg, thank you!

Q :: Are you interested in making a movie? 
What do you think you would like to create as a future actor and director? 
If so, what kind of work would you like to make? 
And where do you want to go?

PSH :: ♡ First time I was in movie "Confession of Murder". 
There was a lot of hard work but very cool and the energy 
I felt on the spot was completely different from the drama. 

But still a lot of things I haven't achieved as an actor yet. 
It seems too difficult for me to work as actor and director at the same time. 
Some senior actors who have long lives in acting career have been supervising that.
 but I don't even know if I had such that dream in the future. 
I haven't thought about it at this stage. 

Pictures credit : BTS from movie " Confession of Murder ", thank you!


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

ENISHI Interview : Q & A : Free time, If girlfriend breaks up, Summer, and Win the lottery!

Q1. You are always busy. But today you're free in the afternoon. 
What will you do? 

1 Read the novel.
 2. Go shopping. 
3. Get some sweat at the sport center. 
4. Call your friend immediately. 
5. Leave for the trip. 
6. Do some housework ... 
7. It is hollow. 

Q2. You heard someone you like suddenly break up with you. 
What will you do then? 

1. Cry 
2. Proceed until you hear more to convince you. 
3. You're reluctant to give up. 
4. Angry, you say good-bye first. 
5. Ignore it and pretend not to hear it. 
6. Huh? Well, from now on, you're my friend! 
7. Accept it silently. 

Q3. Summer! 
What comes in your mind? 

1. The sea! The pool! swimsuit.
 2. Summer Festival  
3. Watermelon. 
4. It is an euphoria with the burden test! 
5. Summer vacation 
6. Sunshine
7. Plateau

Q4. If you won a lottery ticket! 
What would you do with that money? 

1. Give it to your parents. 
2. Live as much as you like.
 3. Eat, drink, and play with your friends. 
4. Buy a house. 
5. Travel around the world. 
6. Donate to disadvantaged children. 
7. Save all the money and spend your life as usual. 

(The corrected answers are :: 5, 7, 7, 7)


Monday, April 30, 2018

PSH Interview : Never give up, His attractive voice, and Actor for life

Shared by skkg at PSH, thank you!

From Japanese magazine : Always Hallyu" Vol.17

Link :

Insight Park Si Hoo :  intelligent and sharp
He has been returning to Korea's terrestrial broadcasting drama KBS 'My Golden Life'
for a long time, has been a big hit and his reputation has become even higher. 

[Never give up] 

When Park Si Hoo told his family that he wanted to be an actor, 
his father was fiercely opposed. 
His father once was a model when he was young, 
and he was popular enough to appear in numerous TV commercials. 
His father who knew better than anybody 
in the world of entertainment, had told his son, 
'It is not a sweet world. Give up! ' 
But Park Si Hoo couldn't give up. He wished to become an actor, 
so he left his hometown with his father's objection. 
Thanks to his strong commitment otherwise there won't be Park Si Hoo today. 

I have been interviewing Park Si Hoo several times in a magazine
 where I am editor - in chief, 
but what impressed me was the remark about drama "The Princess' man". 
 Immediately he thought that he should see the synopsis. He was convinced that 
this work will surely succeed. As the story of the casting progressed, 
he thought he should never miss this work after he read the scenario. 
Kim Seung-yu of the princess's man was easy to express 
as much of the character change.
He was able to do a lot of expressive elements 
in terms of being able to engage in any given situation. ' 
Even though the princess's man became a masterpiece, 
Park Si Hoo's acting power had made a big contribution. 

[Acting actor] Park Si Hoo has very attractive voice. 
When asked, 'Do you pay particular attention to what you utter?' 
He replied: 'Sometimes I jog in the park but I always practice loud voices. 
I never miss to practice the vocalization in my daily life. ' 

Park Si Hoo said at a news conference at his event 
about 'My Golden Life ' on April 20 in Tokyo. 

'I think that it was really great to be able to appear in a work 
that has a viewership rating over 40%. Like this time, it is a dream myself 
that I was able to appear in a drama with an audience rating over 40%. 

'If it is Park Si Hoo, 
there always be more chance for him to star in drama with over 40% rating. 
Because he is an actor with the possibility of going beyond 
the dimension of 'whether to be an actor for life just once or not .' 
There is his memorable memory. 
'I'm not a talented actor. I think I should put more effort into it. 
Don't you think my fans will be happier with this kind of effort? ''

As long as Park Si Hoo never forget that, his fans will continue to cheer for him.


Friday, April 27, 2018

English news : Song Ji Hyo And Park Si Hoo In Talks To Star In New KBS Drama

On April 27, Song Ji Hyo’s agency MY Company confirmed that 
the actress was considering the lead role in the upcoming drama
 “Lovely Horribly” (literal title). 

The agency told media outlet Newsen, “Song Ji Hyo has received a casting offer 
for the starring role in KBS 2TV’s ‘Lovely Horribly,’ and she is currently reviewing 
the offer with a positive outlook.”

KBS previously confirmed earlier this month that actor Park Shi Hoo had been offered 
the male lead in the drama. A source at the broadcast network told news outlet Star Today, 
“Park Shi Hoo is currently in talks to appear in KBS2’s new drama ‘Lovely Horribly.'”

“Lovely Horribly” will tell the story of a ghostwriter whose screenplays’ plots mysteriously 
end up happening in real life. Song Ji Hyo is in talks for the role of the prophetic screenwriter, 
while Park Shi Hoo is in talks to play an A-list actor traumatized by a kidnapping incident. 
The drama is expected to air sometime in August.

Should Song Ji Hyo take the role, 
it will be her first time appearing on a public broadcast network drama 
since she starred in KBS’s “Mandate of Heaven: The Fugitive of Joseon” five years ago.