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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, August 17, 2017

MGL Shooting : Motorcycle race on a rainy day 2017.08.16

This blogger didn't say much besides he got a call from the drama producers 
 and he said if they will have a humvee (nickname for Hummer)
 appear in the first scene that drama will be a big hit!^^

Link :, thank you!

So many pictures, I have to pick only the one with Park Si Hoo in it!
Yes, he is on the motorcycle race in red/black outfit with red helmet, spot him?^^

Preparation in the rain

The race begun!

The Humvee he's talking about

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

MGL News : Actor, Lee Gyu Bok joined the drama in a role of Choi Do Kyung's secretary

'Criminal Mind' Lee, Gyu-bok (  이규복 ) "I got my wish"


Lee Gyu-bok (photo: BMP Pecan Entertainment) appeared on tvN 'Criminal Mind'

[The Daily Star in Kim Eun-koo] Actor Lee Gyu-bok got his wish with TVN drama 'Criminal Mind'. Lee got the attention of viewers by taking the role of Yun Jung-seop, the husband of Song Yoo-kyung (Lim Soo-hyeong), a suspected suspect in 'Criminal Mind' In the drama's 
sixth episode, NCI was identified as a likely suspect in the investigation, and the real perpetrator turned out to be Yoo Kyung Song. 

Lee Gyu-bok said through his agency, B-Pecan Entertainment, "I am an enthusiastic fan of 'Criminal Mind,' and when it was produced in Korea, I wanted to appear in any role." 

Lee Gyu-bok was cast as the secretary of Choi Do Kyung (Park Sihoo) in the drama "My Golden Life" on KBS2 weekend soap opera which starts broadcasting in September. 
And he's scheduled to appear in OCN drama 'Black' also.

Credit : Kim Eun-koo reporter, thank you!

MGLdrama : Lee Da-in plays Choi Seo-hyeon, Choi Do Kyung's younger sister

Picture of Lee Da-in (이다인) who plays Choi Seo-hyeon (최서현),
Choi Do Kyung's (Park Si Hoo) younger sister

From KBSdrama, thank you!

#황금빛내인생 9월 2일 첫 방송 
최서현 (#이다인) #KBS @kbsdrama 
#KBS드라마 #KBSDrama

#My Golden Life first episode on September 2
Choi SEO Hyeon (#Lee Da In) #KBS @KBSDRAMA
#KBS드라마 #KBSDrama


Updated MGL Blog : Forecast schedule regarding the rain : 2017.08.16

Look like the rain started having a big impact for the outdoor shooting schedule

 ☂  ☂  ☂

From MGL Staff blog, thank you!

스케쥴     :       비 예보로 인한 수정 스케쥴입니다  파일첨부  

Schedule     :      Forecast schedule due to rain forecast

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MGL : Captured Shin Hye Sun with head to head scene at the beginning of her shooting

Brief summery :

They talked about the scene that Shin Hye Sun with tangled hair, scratchy face and sitting at the police station and next to her was a woman who had scratchy face & messy hair also.

Make viewers wonder, what's going on with her and why she has to go to the police station?

And compliment about her effort for working hard since her first shooting something like that.

Press Releases Views Date created: 2017.08.16

Link :

KBS 2TV new weekend drama 'My Golden Life'

Shin Hye Sun, hair cut clash!
'Scattered head + screeching face'
Police station .. What happened?
Shin Hye Sun, a struggle woman in question! From the beginning of the shooting 'wild'!

Shin Hye-sun unleashes a head-to-head. We curious as to what is going on by giving a strange smile to us when she's sitting in front of a police officer with her scratchy head and scarred face.

KBS 2TV weekend drama 'My Golden Life ' that will follow "My father is strange' on September 2nd (Sat) at 7:55 pm written by Su Hyung Kyung / director Kim Hyong Suk / Studio Dragon) ) Ji'an (Shin HyeSoon) Unveiled the steel which was taken to the police station by the head mugging pole which was not this time.

 'My Golden Life' is a family drama that shows the untold feelings of a golden life unfolding with the life of three unemployed women who want to get out of the soil.

In 'My Golden Life', Shin Hye Sun divides the company into Seo Ji-an, a contractor in the marketing department of Seoseong Group, and a representative of Soo Soo-joo, who is trying to board the last position of full-time positions. Ji'an went through his crush assistance until his father's death, but now he is a livery and a gallbladder for a full-time job. Like a miracle for her who wanted to break the '3 No Life' without money, backless, and unlucky, her life like a roller coaster is expected to unfold as the moment of life reverses.

The steel still has a scattered head, broken lips, and a poisonous face. It is a face full of scratches, but it sits dodgy and is looking at a woman next to it, which stimulates the curiosity about the situation indefinitely. A woman who is sitting next to this Jian is smiling with a tangled face and a bruised eyes as if she was shot by a wasp. Unlike Jian who keeps his composure, he wonders with the questioning women who are sitting on the floor with no help.

The scene was shot on the 2nd floor in Seoul. After the shooting began, Shin Hye - seon said that she was overwhelmed by the act of gradually raising of her emotions and exploding her anger without any anxiety while she was full of poisonous spots of her life - and - death.

In particular, under the careful directing of Kim Hyung-seok PD, Shin Hye-sun, who has been holding up the feelings of Jian before the filming, has not only created a scene where he does not buy a body together with Kyosin but also added ad lib to the scene.

The production crew said, "It was not easy shooting because it was a scene in which to shoot a fight by each other had to hold each other hair without permission. However, thanks to Shin Hye Sun, who has taken care of each other and cares about her component, made the shooting finished easily. " We will do our best to suppport an actress who is so energetic and able to deliver the shooting crisis into the story. I hope you will too. "

On the other hand, KBS 2TV's new weekend drama 'My Golden Life' will be broadcasted on Saturday, September 2 at 7:55 pm, which will blow warm family affection to the anime theater after 'KBS 2TV is 'My father is strange'.

Credit : KBS 2TV ' My Golden Life' , thank you!

English version of " My Golden Life " Family tree Poster

Thanks for hancinema website that make this project possible!^^

And the original

From Hancinema website

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

MGL : Park Si Hoo at shooting site on 2017.08.12

From same Japanese fan who posted another set before.

Credit : hawaiiccc, thank you!

8/12 広通橋
早朝からの시후 씨

8/12 Hiromichi Bridge 
early in the morning from the 시후 씨