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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, January 19, 2018

[MV] Park Sun Ye (박선예) - The Wind Is Blowing (바람이 불어와) My Golden Life (황금빛 내 인생) OST Part 4

Still exhausted from the preview?

Let watch this music video together while we're waiting for this Saturday!^^

Cr. Kimchi Sweet Potato, thank you!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

( RAW) MGL - Ep. 39 Preview

Text Preview Episode 39 :: My Golden Life :: Saturday, January 20

His family have learned the fact that Tae So dosesn't have a stomach cancer 

Jisu and Hyuk are on their first date, telling stories that they have not been able 
to do in the past, and knowing that they are making friends, Jian tells Jisu
 that it is better to tell Hyuk that she is Haesung's daughter.

Do Kyung and Jian are trying to be calm and aware of their reality, 
but they can not help but feel each other. Jae-Sung came to see Do Kyung, 
And told him that he will not be able to win President Noh,


Text from video dialogue

(Translated by stroppyse@soompi, thank you!)

JA: We’ve found out that dad isn’t ill, so what’s the worry? 

We’ve just gained some time.
JS: Why do you like me? What do you like?
Hyuk: Just because you’re you, that’s why I like you.

JA: I heard from Hyuk, that the two of you have decided to date. 
I think you have to tell him yourself that you’re the Haesung Group daughter.

DK: Am I really, like this, nothing at all to you?
JA: Didn’t we already finish sorting that out?

DK: Father
DK Father: Have you lowered yourself to even working with Ji An now? 
Give Ji An up, and come back home. 
You definitely can never make that child happy.


VDO : Park Si Hoo driving a sport car on the beach in Kanazawa, Japan 2017 from BS-Tbs Channel

Original VDO from yueshanfeihu, thank you!




My Golden Life Tour is coming soon : (Mon) Jan 22 - (Wed) Jan 24

I didn't follow this tour information much.
But it's time to pay more attention on tthis event closely now!

Because it will happen next Monday ~ Wednesday!

From January 22 ~ 23

So excited for fans who can make it!

For us who can't participate, 

Just remember the actual activity will be only on Tuesday, Jan 23!

" Visit the shooting site & Meet up with Park Si Hoo at the hotel "

Are the main highlight of this tour!

The hotel they will stay & meet him called ...

Address : 640 Eon-ju Ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, KOREA [06098]

TEL 82 2 3440 8000 

(Picture from Japanese fan, Yuiko, thank you!)

And this must be the ballroom they will have a meeting with Park Si Hoo
(ED :: Just guess from the size & have stage for Park Si Hoo to come and greet his fans. )

Hope we will see a lot of pictures from fans who attend!^^

Updated : Our Buyeo home : 2018.01.16

A Korean fan just visited Park Si Hoo's ancestral home in Buyeo.

She took a couple shot and shared with us at her blog.

Both Park Si Hoo & Wu Ho must be busy in Seoul.

Hope our elderly Parks will be fine without their super busy grandsons over there!

I thought the place will cover with snow, surprisingly doesn't seem like it

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MGL - Shooting : Do Kyung & Ki Jae at the bar

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Kbs2 주말드라마 촬영중입니다! 🎥🎬
#박시후 #신혜선 #이태환 #서은수 #천호진 #이태성 
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금일 수요일 정상영업 합니다 많이 놀러오세요! -
KBS2 Weekend drama shooting! 🎥🎬
# Park Sihoo # Shin Hye Sun # Lee Tae Hwan # Seo Eun Su # Chih Ho Jin 
# Lee Tae Sung# Weekend drama no.1 I will always support you 
Thank you for visiting 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Today is open on Wednesdays. Please come to play a lot! 


He mentioned all main characters but we can see 
only Park Si Hoo and Kim Sa Kwon were there!^^

This 2nd picture, I did a closer look 
and I think it's Park Si Hoo himself in different coat? 
Too far to nail it down it's him!^^

The coat he wore


MGL - Shooting : Park Si Hoo & Felipe ( American Model ) at Motorcycle scene

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About him

Felipe 한국에 살고 있는 모델입니다🇰🇷 🇺🇸
Felipe is a model living in Korea 🇰🇷 🇺🇸

Take him quite a long time to post!^^

Had a blast filming 황금빛내인생. 황금빛내인생 촬영 너무 재밌었어요. 
#외국인 #외국인모델 #외국남자 #외국남자모델 #모델 #황금빛 
#황금빛내인생 #박시후 #kbs

My golden life. My golden life shoot was so fun. # Foreigner # Foreign Model 
# Foreign Man # Foreign Male Model # Model # Golden 
# Golden My Life # Park Si-hoo # kbs