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Monday, October 23, 2017

AGB Neilsen & TNmS Ranking for drama " My Golden Life " Episode # 16 on Sun, October 22, 2017

TV Ranking on Sunday, October 22, 2017

1. AGB Neilsen

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Nationwide :

No. 1 :: My Golden Life with 35.0% rating 

Metropolitan area (Seoul)

No. # 1 :: My Golden Life with  34.8% rating 

2. TNmS
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Nationwide : My Golden Life rank No. # 1 with 30.2 %

Seoul Area : My Golden Life rank No. # 1 with 27.8%

Credit : Neilsen & TNMs, thank you!

News : 'My Golden Life' Park Sihoo ♥ Shin Hye Sun, 'Heart Boom' starts ... Audience rating 35%

Article 2017-10-23 

[TV Report = Kim Myung-soo] 

'My Golden Life' Park Sihoo started his reaction toward Shin Hye-sun 
with 'heart thump' exploded. As Park Sihoo's mind toward Shin Hye-sun changes, 
it made the future development more exciting. 

Park Sihoo - Shin Hyesun's romance is about to start, and 'My Golden Life' once again 
demonstrated its power to renew its highest rating. According to Nielsen Korea, 
35% of nationwide,  and 34.8% of Seoul metropolitan area recorded their highest ratings. 
This is 2.6 percentage points higher than the previous highest audience rating 
of 14th episode. It is a remarkable rise that renews its own highest audience rating
 every day, causing a gusty wind that makes weekend 'A Golden time'.

Choi Do Kyung (Park Si-hoo) and Seo Ji-an (Shin Hye Sun) 
completed the 40th anniversary project of the Ha Seong Apparel 
in the 16th KBS2 'My Golden Life' 
They agreed to unveil the whole 'change daughter' to
Myong Myung-hee (Na Young Hee) - Choi Jae-sung (Jeon Min-min) after the event.

In this process, the change of emotion of Do Kyung was attracting attention. 
The heart that was angry with the lies of Jian who lied to him and his family 
suddenly changed into pity and the heart began to shake in her sunny smile.

On this day, he said to Jian, "If the 40th anniversary event is as important as it is, 
the highway will be great. If you do not want to be caught by my parents, you should laugh. 
Until then, never let it go. If you do well with the event, you played a big role and I will make 
a ball for our house so you will be saved. "After the deal was concluded, he declared that 
he will supervise the project and Hae Jung will assist Gian with the project as I ordered. 
Unlike before, the employees were suspicious of the friction between the two, 
but Jian felt intimidated that he was taking care of her for the job, 
unlike the cold horse that Do Kyung had spoken. 

As the trading of the two started, Daeyoung tried to meet the true sibling,
 Jisu (Seo Eun-soo) in a miserable mind, pretending to be a coincidence. 
He does not know what to do. He was just worried about Jisu.

But Jisu is rather said "I did not even have a hard time. Jian was the one who had a hard time, "
she said, she's proud of Jian who had so much troubled in the past wiith a good heart. 
In the conversation with Jisu, Do Kyung felt that Ji'an had spent a lot of time on Jisu 
and the truth about Ji'an, and the other was "I do not know what to do." 
It became more sophisticated. 

After meeting with Jisu, Dae-gyeong kept silent behind the scenes of Ji'an's every move 
and could not conceal her appearance as she spurred the project progress like 
there was no tomorrow. Although the beginning was anger and resentment, 
the feelings of Do Kyung toward Jian gradually changed into pity. 

Then there was an unexpected variable in the project progress which he thought was going 
to be done by one way or another. Jian received a call from Chairman Noh (Kim Byungki). 
So, Dae - Kyung made plans for the seminar in order to avoid the eyes of the chairman, 
as an excuse, he said, "I will send my car. so he was in a crisis again when his aunt,
No Jin-hee (Jeon Su-kyung) called "Grandfather want to see Eun-seok."

Two people decided to break the brake. Jian has spent her part-time job 
at a driver's license school and has been busy trying to find a break line, 
He's worry Jian is going to get hurt. "You should not be in danger! 
I will bribe my aunt's driver! Come on quickly, "he urged. 

Jian later said, "I'm done! Here it is, "She shouted," she was laughing with the joy
 that she had done with the oil on her face, and the moment the eyes of Do Kyung seemed 
to perceive the trembling throbbing toward Jian, I was curious. In the 17th trailer 
that was released together with this, it is predicted that Do Kyung will not hide his tilting mind
 to Jian, and the attention of the future will be focused on how the fate of the two will flow. 

Kim, Koo-hee reporter /

News : 'My Golden Life' Park Si Hoo & Shin Hye-seon

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In the drama 'My Golden Life', Park Si Hoo showed his family's love towards his sister. 
Choi Dae-kyung (Park Sihoo)'s heart was calmly impressed in KBS 2TV weekend drama
' My Golden Life '(written by Hyun Kyung, director, Kim Hyung Suk) broadcasted on Oct 22.. 

On the same day, Choi Do Kyung's warm-hearted appeared toward Seo Ji-an (Shin Hye-seon)
 and Seo Ji-soo (Seo Eun-soo) was revealed. He made a rational decision to fix the work 
with Jian by hiding her secret, while showing the unbelievable warmth toward Seo Ji An. 
He thought only one person who can handle the 40th anniversary without problem is Jian.

 Choi suggested to her, "Make sure you finish the project and I'll hide the secret ." 
At the same time, he said to Ji-an, "You and I are not sibling now. 
However, he has been careful to make sure that Jian's project is going smoothly. 
Jian's instinct was that Do kyung was working not only for himself but also 
for her as well. He said, "If the company works as well as it does,
 it will be a big thing for you." I thought that if you finished the project well, 
you could be forgiven for hiding your birth secret. 

Choi met his sister, Seo Ji-soo, and showed his warmth heart toward her as a brother. 
Choi Tae-kyung, who can not reveal himself as her brother even in front of his own sister, 
expressed his concern to Seo Ji-su, saying, "You have had a lot of hardships in the past.
 Choi Tae-kyung's relief to see a bright appearance of Seo Ji-soo was also good news. 

Choi Dae - kyung wanted her to call him brother after feeling friendly with Seo Ji - soo. 
Seo Ji - soo showed her unique sociability and said to Choi Dae kyung "Oppa". 
Choi looked at his sister who grew bright and cheerful, and expressed his love 
that he could not hide and looked at his unique sister. 

The relationship between Seo Ji An , Seo Ji-su and Choi Do-kyung was really complicated. 
Jian who met from the accident became a progeny siblings but not anymorer. 
Seo Ji-su is his real younger sister, but he could not be called her sister. 

In this confused situation, Choi Do-kyung had the best of both worlds without hurting himself. 
Choi Do kyung considered to reveal Jian's secret of birth without any problems. 
Then, slowly approaching Seo Ji-soo, he is looking for what he can do for his sister
 as an older brother. This kind effort of Choi Do-kyung made the feelings of three people 
who have already become family members even warmer. 

Can Seo Jian's statement reveal that Seo Ji-su is a real person? 
Can Seo Ji-su understand her mother and sister who hid the facts without hurting them?
 If the result is a happy ending, Choi Do Kyung's affection would have kept both of them. 
The calm touch of the character named Choi Do kyung made " My Golden Life " 
even more attractive.

Credit :, thank you!

MGL - Ep 16 : Wrapped up story Part # 3 : Car incident, and ...Heartbeat incident! Hahaha!

Jian said let's make the car's battery went off 

Jin hee is trying to catch the weakness of the family of Noh Myung - 

Do Kyung and Ji-an are worried how to fix this situation.

She crawled underneath the car, saying that she had seen it in the movie

What are you doing?

Hull ~ woman ?? haha

Grandfather heard the news that they're stucked in the car on the road, 
and he do not have time to wait.

Do Kyung asked Jian, if she's okay?
And she shouldn't be in danger.

Jian said : Please wait a moment 

Huh? !!


Jian succeeded and smiles brightly with the oil on her face 

The look of Do Kyung is strange.

Is this feeling ??

Jian's bright face reflected in the eyes of Do Kyung

Have you ever seen a smiling person like this?

This expression of

Simkung moment? ㅎㅎ 

He's so adorable ㅎㅎ 
inde beongbeong a look if the expressions 
What are you causing ~~ well 
is expected of Love line between Do Kyung and Jian- 

For Woo hyeok, it's a fateful and inevitable incident?

~ The End ~

MGL - Ep 16 : Wrapped up story Part # 2 : Jian visited Hyuk, Unpleasant encounter on street, Grandfather called

Jian is seeking help to find a way to change to timber 
instead of stained steel structures that are natural dyed and unfamiliar.

Woo Hyuk :: I have a lot of questions but I promise to be a good friend, 
Ji An as she is. 

Two dudes on the street

   What's going on here? 
- Are you? 
What do you do? 
- You are asking first.

They do not like each other unconditionally.

Sun Woo Hyeok walked passed the bakery and sees the vanity 
still not assembled so he did it for Jisu

He's so cool ~ ♡?

Chairman Noh calls Jian before he leaves Korea, wanted to spend some time with her.

Instead, Do Kyung took the phone and set up a countermeasure
 to make sure this wouldn't happen.

We will hold a seminar and new product meetings with our employees, 
who will come to Yangpyeong for a moment.

A marketing team in a tight hours meeting from morning to late afternoon

He does not know what to do, but he had to do something

Jian was in Yangpyeong and his grandfather is going to see Jian..

He picked up Jian and take her in his car suddenly.

To be continued...

MGL - Ep 16 : Wrapped up story Part # 1 : The Deal done, Ji Tae's wedding, and Do Kyung went to see Jisu

This article by Korean blogger,  Dodd Eve, thank you!

My Golden Life  Episode 15

My golden life 16th Episode, 
Jian's brightly smile, going through the heart of Do Kyung

Do Kyung, who decided for the sake of the 40th anniversary event, 
Had set up a condition with Jian to successfully complete the anniversary event finale. 

DK : Eun Seok must stay for ten days after the wedding ceremony.

Jian can not do it because she can not be sure of herself. 
DK : I didn't do it for your favor.

He tells his parents before hand that it will be harder for him to finish the ceremony.

So Ah planned to do a small wedding 

Instead of wearing a wedding dress, 
wear a dress and a suit to save money as much as possible to save money from the cost.

Seohyun and Jiho have a secret alliance and exchange contact information 
so that they do not meet each other. 

Do not come where I am going?

Yoon Jae Jung will assume the role as Jian's assistant 

Do Kyung went to the bakery wonder about his own sister, Jisu, 
He acted as if he accidentally met her

He's asking if it is not hard to stay for a while but Jisu is always very positive person.


The person who had a lot of trouble is my sister, Ji'an. 
She worked hard so we could pay all the expenses at home. 
She gave me a pocket money. I never gave her any money.

After Do Kyung heard from Jisu and found that Jian was a good sister.

I wasn't go to college 
Even Jian had secretly submitted my application 
but my head was bad and I could not study.

Unlike my sister. I like convenience stores.

I have not been able to talk about Jian 
who was like my twin sister for so many years. 
I feel sorry and nostalgia.

(That's the way I'm living my life?)

   To Be continued...