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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, November 24, 2017

Updated : Chinese Premium Event : Park Si Hoo's flight schedule to Jeju island on Saturday, Nov 25

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A new update about Park Si Hoo's Flight schedule!

KE1239 Opetated by KE(KOREAN AIR)

- 출발(Departure) : 서울/김포 11월25일(일) 20:25 pm
- Departure: Seoul / Kimpo November 25 (Sat) 20:25pm

- 도착(Arrival) : 제주/제주 11월25일(일) 21:35 pm

- Arrival: Jeju / Jeju November 25 (Sat) 21:35 pm

Park Si Hoo Premium Event for Chinese in JEJU


Thursday, November 23, 2017

News : Actress, Yoo In Young will appear as Park Si Hoo's fiancee in drama " My Golden Life

[TV Report = Kim, Gae-young] 

Actor Yoo In-young will appear in drama 'My Golden Life'. 
She will appear as a fiancee of Park Si Hoo and intend to increase tension on the drama.

Yoo In Young's agency fly-up entertainment told that 
"She is going to star in 'My Golden Life'" and said, 
"She initially planned to appear about 5 ~ 6 episodes, " 
He said. Yoo In-young will appear from the 27th Episode. 

According to a multi-entertainer on Nov 23, 
Yoo In-young will make a special appearance in the KBS2 weekend drama "My Golden Life"

Choi Do Kyung (Park Si-hoo) has a fiancee who he is about to marry with. 
She was a woman in the house with power that can not be ignored by the Haesung Group. 

In the drama, Seo Ji-an (Shin Hye-sun) turns out not to be Haesung's daughter, 
and she is forming a subtle love line with Haesung group's eldest son Choi. 
At this time, it seems that a tense triangle will be formed by the appearance of his fiancee.

 'My Golden Life' is a family drama of a generation who does not want to escape 
from the soil, and who has experienced the golden life experience with
 the lifelong cheeky rise of false identity.

Park Sihoo, Shin Hae-sun, Lee Tae-hwan, and Seo Eun-su are performing their best. 
Especially, one storyline has been unfolding
 and the audience rating has been renewed every time.

'My Golden Life' has overturned the highest rating of 'My Father Is Strange',
 and it is currently watching 37.7%, raising expectations for 40% breakthrough.

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[Eng Sub. & RAW] MGL - Ep. 25 Preview

Episode 25 :: My Golden Life :: Saturday, November 25
Broadcast date and time: Saturday, November 25, 2017 07:55 pm

Do Kyung is embarrassed by the cold reaction of Jian after he has found her,
and Jian enters into the share house of Hyuk.
With the help of Ji Ho, Seohyun escapes the fraud of Ryu and his wife.
Myung-hee gives 30 million won a day homework for Jisu ...
Nam-gu said that he could not finish his crane origami for a long time.
He confessed that he would make a wish by completing a thousand cranes.
Do Kyung is asking for Jian through Hyuk,
but it is troublesome for all of them. 
Tae So went to the police station and ask for the identity of any dead body

Eng Sub.

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MGL : Ep. 24 : VDO Cut ...Park Si Hoo scenes

Our favorite scenes in Episode 24 
(Or another word, the scenes with Park Si Hoo in it^^)

I decided to go with Raw video.
Let's enjoy watching his expression without looking down to read the sub.
And all of us who comes to check my post probably know what he said by heart now!^^

Thinking of her

Worry about her

At the gym

The cutest scene of all

Seaching for Jian at the fisherman farm

The Ending

Thank you for watching

MGL : What will happen after he told her to come out?^^

I know all of you curious how Jian will respond to Do Kyung this Saturday!

And a Korean fan had shared her own thought about it with a word...

" Dragging " 

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

😛 😛 😛


Just a name of the suit brand he wore!^^

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매너좋고 사람좋으신 박시후님👍
멋진옷으로 보답해드리겠습니다
Good Manners and A good person, Park Si Hoo 👍
I'll reward you with my cool clothes.


MGL - Shooting : Park Si Hoo & Shin Hye Sun at the cafe

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드라마촬영 와따👏🏻
정말 예쁨🌝
이번주 토요일에 방송나온데요👍🏻
달달한 내용이아니어서 꽃은 안나올듯🤢
.#황금빛내인생 #박시후 #신혜선

Drama filming
It's really pretty

It's on the air this Saturday.
The flowers are not very sweet

# My Golden Life # Park Si-hoo # Shin Hye Sun

She said it's for Ep. 25 (On this Sat) 
But the script is for Ep. 26 (On Sun)^^