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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

[ ENG Sub.] Full VIDEO of Drama " My Golden Life " from Episode # 29 - 30

- EPISODE 29 : 

Myeonghui and Jaesung flip out as Dogyeong tells them he cannot marry someone 
he does not love. Despite their disapproval, Dogyeong is determined and goes to 
Sora to call off the wedding. Since Chairman Noh asks Jisu earnestly, Jisu agrees to attend 
the anniversary event as Eunseok while disguising as Jian. Yet, she cannot help 
but feel frustrated about the situation. Taesu comes to talk with Jisu and apologizes 
for hurting her feelings as if he bids a farewell to her, which puts Jisu into great despair. 
On the day of Haeseong Group’s event, Jisu sees her reflection on the window 
that resembles Jian and starts to feel confused and panicked.

 EPISODE 30 : 

After she flees the anniversary event hall, Jisu wonders about aimlessly and heads 
to Taesu’s house eventually. Chairman Noh, furious about Jisu’s sudden obstruction, 
orders to bring Jisu back and browbeats her. Jiho takes Seohyun out for fried chicken 
and beer to console her after she performs at the graduation recital by herself without 
her family in the presence. As he has his mind set on, Dogyeong goes to Sora’s mother 
to call off the wedding. Chairman Noh hears the news and relegates Dogyeong 
to the Europe branch.

Credit : KBS World, thank you!

Monday, December 18, 2017

News : Park Si Hoo X Shin Hye Sun nominated for KBS Best Couple Award in 2017

[ED : The site haven't open yet, will update you as soon as possible
But from what I understand, you need to register as KBS member first 
and KBS need your real ID number that need to be faxed or photocopy of 
your picture with ID No.. and send to them as attachment. 
I'm checking if we can vote by using just Twitter or Facebook account ]

Reported by Sports Shipbuilding 
 2017-12-18 1

Who is going to be Netizen's KBS drama's the best couple of the year
 that made viewers feel hearty this year? 

The netizens of the <2017 KBS Acting Grand Prix>, which is expected to be as competitive
 as the grand prize winners, entered the online voting process through the website of 
the best-couple couple on the 18th. 

The best couple's nominees include 

'Confession couple' Son Ho Joon - Jang Na Ra,
 'Kim Jang Jang' Nam Gang Min - Nam Sang Mi, Nam Gung Min - Jun Ho, 
'Again, First Love' Kim Seung Soo - Myung Se Bin, 'Kwon Sang Woo - Choi Kang Hee,' 
School 2017 'Kim Jung-hyun,' Se-jung Kim, '' My Sister, 
My Way 'Park Seo-jun - Kim Jiwon, An Jae- 

My Golden life 'Park Si Hoo - Shin Hye Sun, 

A total of 13 couples are expected to be fierce competition. 

In particular, drama 'Kim Sang Jang' and 'Ssam and My Way' 
were included in the candidates for two couples. 

Kim Ji-won of "Kim Sang," said, "I want to receive the best couple award first of all." 
Kim Ji-won of 'Ssam, My Way' said, I want to get a couple of prizes. "
It seems that exciting competition will unfold.

In addition, ten netizens who will return to each one of the male and female actors 
will also compete in the contest. First of all, male candidates include 'Kyungpyo Choi', 
'The Queen of Reason' Kwon Sang Woo, 'School 2017' Kim Jung Hyun, 'Kim Sang Jang' 
Nam Gyung Min, 'Ssam, My Way' Park Sucheon, 'Gallery' Park Hyung Sik, Mad Dog 
'Woo Do-hwan,' Witch's Court 'Yoon Hyun-min,' Kim Se-jang ' 

The candidates include 'School 2017' Kim Se-jung, 'Sums, My Way' Kim Ji Won,
 'My Golden Life' Shin Hye Sun, 'My Father Is Strange' Yuri Lee, 'Confessions Couple' 
Jang Na Ra, Cho, Jung - min, 'Perfect Wife' Cho, Jeong - jung, 'The Most Delivered' 
Chae Su - bin, and 'The Queen of Reason' Choi Gang - hee were included in the candidates. 

On the other hand, the netizen vote for the best couple will be held on 
the official homepage of <2017 KBS postponement> from 18th to 25night, 
and the result will be announced on December 31, the day of live broadcasting. 

Kim Seong-won reporter

MGL - Ep. 32 : Two interesting points!

Just finished watching Ep. 32

I have to say, it's even better after you understand
what both Do Kyung and Jian said to each other.

Of course the dating scene is the best of this episode
But I ended up find this two particular scenes are interesting also.

1. She will kill me!^^

 Jian assumed that Do Kyung is leaving for Europe soon.
And after they talked about the past when Jian had a fight 
with her friend in front of Haesung was brought up 
and Jian also confessed that she had a bad temper!

I capture this scene to show you

Look like Do Kyung will have a big problem in next episode 
after Jian found out he didn't plan to go to Europe 
but he didn't tell her the truth either during their lunch! 

2.  Like grandfather, like grandson!

He's so cruel that what we think!^^

But I found something interesting

The night Do Kyung was kicked out of the house and stayed at the hotel.

And look! Where his grandfather slept that night?

Yes! In Do Kyung's bedroom! Hahaha!

And like grandfather, like grandson

Both know each other so well.

He knew his grandfather will track him down through his cellphone
Like he did with Jian before

And sure, he did!
And he's so proud that Do Kyung's clever enough 
to read him well!  Hahaha!

Who know, this can be " A Real Test " for the successor of Haesung 
If Do Kyung can prove him that he can make it through
Like his grandfather has found Haesung 40 years ago!

Just my thought, we will see!^^

AGB Neilsen & TNmS Ranking for drama " My Golden Life " Episode # 32 on Sun, December 17, 2017

TV Ranking on Sunday, December 17, 2017

1. AGB Neilsen

Link :

Nationwide :

No. 1 :: My Golden Life with 40.7% rating 

Metropolitan area (Seoul)

No. # 1 :: My Golden Life with 40.1% rating 

2. TNmS

Nationwide : My Golden Life rank No. # 1 with 39.6 %

Seoul Area : My Golden Life rank No. # 1 with 35.5%

Credit : Neilsen & TNMs, thank you!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

MGL - Ep. 32 : Welcome to the share house!^^

First day as commoner, Do Kyung!

Bus date! 

Lunch date!

Umbrella date!

At Yubi's house

A part time job

And made her cry!

What else you need?

Oh! Welcome to the share house! Hahaha!


PSH - Instagram : Meet Do Kyung on weekend

Posted by park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

주말은 도경이와~😘😘😘
Meet Do Kyung on weekend~


MGL : New OST No. 6 " To reach you "

The emerging singer-songwriter Siwoo will join KBS2  drama
'My Golden Life' OST starring Park Si Hoo and Shin Hye Sun. 

The sixth OST 

" To reach you

Sung by Siwoo, will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on Dec 17, 
according to the seasonal popular 'My Golden Life' OST production company, 
Segal Entertainment Group. The audience's wonder has been exposed 
in the drama since 28th Episode in the love theme of the drama' My Golden Life '. 

This song is a singer-songwriter, Siwoo who has performed 
and wrote the lyrics, compose, arranging, singing, and piano playing. 
The warmth of the unique acoustic instruments 
and the tension of the electronic instruments make it possible 
for both men and women to feel the fate of love 
and to express their desire to communicate with each other. 

Meanwhile, 'My Golden Life' will be broadcasted on KBS 2TV 
every weekend at 7:55 pm, and Siwoo's OST Part 6 will be in public. 

Credit : Hwangjiyoung reporters Nikkan Sports, thank you!