Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

ENISHI Interview : Q & A : Free time, If girlfriend breaks up, Summer, and Win the lottery!

Q1. You are always busy. But today you're free in the afternoon. 
What will you do? 

1 Read the novel.
 2. Go shopping. 
3. Get some sweat at the sport center. 
4. Call your friend immediately. 
5. Leave for the trip. 
6. Do some housework ... 
7. It is hollow. 

Q2. You heard someone you like suddenly break up with you. 
What will you do then? 

1. Cry 
2. Proceed until you hear more to convince you. 
3. You're reluctant to give up. 
4. Angry, you say good-bye first. 
5. Ignore it and pretend not to hear it. 
6. Huh? Well, from now on, you're my friend! 
7. Accept it silently. 

Q3. Summer! 
What comes in your mind? 

1. The sea! The pool! swimsuit.
 2. Summer Festival  
3. Watermelon. 
4. It is an euphoria with the burden test! 
5. Summer vacation 
6. Sunshine
7. Plateau

Q4. If you won a lottery ticket! 
What would you do with that money? 

1. Give it to your parents. 
2. Live as much as you like.
 3. Eat, drink, and play with your friends. 
4. Buy a house. 
5. Travel around the world. 
6. Donate to disadvantaged children. 
7. Save all the money and spend your life as usual. 

(The corrected answers are :: 5, 7, 7, 7)


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