Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, August 5, 2017

MGL : From the sketch picture

This is the sketch picture for poster shooting on August 3

This is picture Park Si Hoo posted in his instagram on August 3

And Jami & Dami tweeted to confirm that he took it for MGL Poster

When you look closer at his outfit, it's definitely different outfits!

The one he wore in sketch picture, his shirt was tucked in without tie

And the one he took picture alone, he had vest & tie on it

He probably did it on purpose to make it look more casual or chic look 
the way Choi Do Kyung suppose to be with the group picture!^^

But it's hard to picture it clearly on sketch picture.
So I have this pictures below to show you how he probably look like!
Casual and gorgeous!^^

This picture from Marie Claire magazine (China version) 
When Park Si Hoo visited Beijing, China to promote his movie " Scent " in June, 2014

Now, let compare!

Yeah! We want that cool drink too! 

🍹  🍹 🍹

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