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Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, April 30, 2018

PSH Interview : Never give up, His attractive voice, and Actor for life

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From Japanese magazine : Always Hallyu" Vol.17

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Insight Park Si Hoo :  intelligent and sharp
He has been returning to Korea's terrestrial broadcasting drama KBS 'My Golden Life'
for a long time, has been a big hit and his reputation has become even higher. 

[Never give up] 

When Park Si Hoo told his family that he wanted to be an actor, 
his father was fiercely opposed. 
His father once was a model when he was young, 
and he was popular enough to appear in numerous TV commercials. 
His father who knew better than anybody 
in the world of entertainment, had told his son, 
'It is not a sweet world. Give up! ' 
But Park Si Hoo couldn't give up. He wished to become an actor, 
so he left his hometown with his father's objection. 
Thanks to his strong commitment otherwise there won't be Park Si Hoo today. 

I have been interviewing Park Si Hoo several times in a magazine
 where I am editor - in chief, 
but what impressed me was the remark about drama "The Princess' man". 
 Immediately he thought that he should see the synopsis. He was convinced that 
this work will surely succeed. As the story of the casting progressed, 
he thought he should never miss this work after he read the scenario. 
Kim Seung-yu of the princess's man was easy to express 
as much of the character change.
He was able to do a lot of expressive elements 
in terms of being able to engage in any given situation. ' 
Even though the princess's man became a masterpiece, 
Park Si Hoo's acting power had made a big contribution. 

[Acting actor] Park Si Hoo has very attractive voice. 
When asked, 'Do you pay particular attention to what you utter?' 
He replied: 'Sometimes I jog in the park but I always practice loud voices. 
I never miss to practice the vocalization in my daily life. ' 

Park Si Hoo said at a news conference at his event 
about 'My Golden Life ' on April 20 in Tokyo. 

'I think that it was really great to be able to appear in a work 
that has a viewership rating over 40%. Like this time, it is a dream myself 
that I was able to appear in a drama with an audience rating over 40%. 

'If it is Park Si Hoo, 
there always be more chance for him to star in drama with over 40% rating. 
Because he is an actor with the possibility of going beyond 
the dimension of 'whether to be an actor for life just once or not .' 
There is his memorable memory. 
'I'm not a talented actor. I think I should put more effort into it. 
Don't you think my fans will be happier with this kind of effort? ''

As long as Park Si Hoo never forget that, his fans will continue to cheer for him.


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