Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New website about " Hoo factory's New office Tour " Between 11/10 ~ 12/03

The informations're still the same 
only Hoo has launched their official website for this particular tour as link below

The application starts this Thursday, October 25 ~  Friday, November 11

For more details you can check below

There are 4 time slots ( Max 68 persons per visit )

① Nov, 10, 2016 (Thursday) to Nov, 12 days (Saturday) <two nights and three days>

② Nov, 17, 2016 (Thursday) to Nov, 19 days (Saturday) <two nights and three days>

③ Nov, 24, 2016 (Thursday) to Nov, 26 days (Saturday) <two nights and three days>

④ Dec, 01, 2016 (Thursday) to Dec, 03 (Saturday) <two nights and three days>

(And...maybe a surprise visit during the tour by Park Si Hoo, himself too? )


Link :

Tour details

We turned over a new leaf! Hoo's just relocated our office.

Along with the transfer to the new office, 
Many photos are decorated with the various expressions of Si Hoo that you can enjoy,

Interior also created a space, such as the exhibition hall.

This space that we want to be seen by his fans, 
We decided to provide a period of time during your visit at the office.

To every fans who visit the office, 
Also Mr. Wu Ho, Si Hoo's younger brother 
as a representative will welcome you there.

And guide everyone through it, we also planned to screen the unpublished photos 
that had been reservoir until now.

After that, we will send you to Si Hoo's favorite hangout restaurants, 

Please enjoy a carefully selected special menu by Si Hoo himself.

Possibly, maybe Si Hoo will take a visit⁈

Credit : Hoo factory, thank you!

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