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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, January 29, 2016

Local Hero : What viewers think about the drama so far?

Source by Panda, thank you!

This is the forum created at soompi website.
So, it just viewers shared their opinion about the drama & the characters.
So just read for fun!^^

Drama introduction

An OCN drama, about a former black-ops agent who lives quietly in a small neighborhood
 and runs a local bar, and ends up fighting evildoers and becoming the town’s hero. 

Seems like they're doing pretty good for a cable show. 
Hope they continue to increase the ratings steadily.


EP01 - 0.980%

EP02 - 1.368%


By jongski, thank you!

 Just general thoughts after watching  raw episodes. I need to watch with sub!  Ha ha.
Just taking in the scenes not understanding anything. It's not a heavyweight action thriller 
but packs fun solid punch. We'll see if it'll score a KO soon.. Heck, I like!

Local Hero. Awesome fun. It's like crime-com kinda. Is there such a thing? :P 
We'll probably get more action crime thriller latter parts. Waiting! But PSH LSH...ohmygosh  
BROtp y'alI  ! just have this smile on my face throughout.

That car chase scene- the classic trap the suspect's car thing. Pretty neat! 
CCK  (lsh) was like woah! awesome dude! The way BSH (psh) showed him how it's done.
BSH smile is like...piece of cake, kid. :D 

And the old man reminds me of Bruce Wayne's butler. Ha Ha. And the background music
 reminds of detective/private eye shows. Yes, I notice even those things (
 editing, cinematography, etc)

By heidimx12, thank you!

As for the romance side of the drama, so it's been established that Shi Yoon and Seo Ahn were lovers but are no longer together most likely because of what happened. Then they meet again at the Bar because Chan Gyu knows(?) Seo Ahn. So I'm assuming that they might try to reconcile and Jung Yeon and Chang Gyu will spend time together outside of the bar, while Shi Yoon and Jung Yeon work together in the bar as boss and employee, then start to fall for one another, therefore, 
starts our love square ( I hope) ;) 

By LavelyShai, thank you!

Shi Yoon is a hard to read character since we know everything he does is calculating, 
but I know seeing Seo Ahn will throw him off especially since it's obvious they haven't spoken
 since that incident. He has a confirmed pairing with Jung Yeon, but first he'll have to get over
 his failed relationship with Seo Ahn. Hopefully all that will happen before he starts catching 
feelings for Jung Yeon, don't want to see her getting hurt. 

Aww. This crime drama receiving lots of love from viewers.  
At least it looks to be that way.

Credit : soompi, thank you!

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