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Friday, August 19, 2016

HAYAN : Park Si Hoo's white mask at Halal Expo in Korea

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This news talking about Hayan (Cosmetic company ) has a booth at " Halal Expo " in Korea.

What is Halal ? ( Sourced from )

Halāl (Arabic: حلال‎‎ ḥalāl, "permissible"), also spelled hallal or halaal, is any object or action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law. The term covers and designates not only food and drink but also all matters of daily life.[1] It is one of five Ahkam—fard (compulsory), mustahabb (recommended), halal (allowed), makruh (disliked), haram (forbidden)—that define the morality of human action in Islam.[2] Mubah is also used to mean "permissible" or "allowed" in Islam.

Generally in Islam, every object and action is considered permissible unless there is a prohibition of it in the Islamic...

So to be able to sell the products in some oversea markets you need to get approval as Halal products first and right now...Hayan products can be sold in many parts of Asia & around the world!^^

Below is the news article :
(We will highlight in pink the part they mentioned about Park Si Hoo)

See 'halal' over the wall into K- beauty, proprietary technology

Nyuseupim original article forwarding 2016-08-18 

[Site] 'Halal Expo Industry Korea "Korean companies participated technology' spotlight '

[= Nyuseupim night arts reporters: "This is the 'cream' This Is The mask worn on the face?"

On August 18, Event held at COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Foreign Hall officials :
 "Halal Industry Expo Korea 2016 'site and they were watching a Korean cosmetics company booth.

Day cosmetics companies 'White (HAYAN)' Mexican buyers find the exhibition booth showed interest such as the "White Mask" products. Unlike as disposable mask pack to the skin, such as improvements to existing essence subjecting the LED glow on the face is the principle.

White Mask Beauty product manufacturers 'White (HAYAN)'. <= Night arts reporter photos>

In the coming three days progress Halal Industry Expo 20 was a lot, especially utilizing the proprietary technology of small cosmetics company products.

'Halal (Halal)' means a licensed food, cosmetics, household goods etc. so that Muslims can use. In the Middle East market as well as increased domestic demand for halal industry in Southeast Asia, some countries, such as Malaysia and Indonesia is being hailed as a rising blue ocean.

In the case of halal cosmetics manufacturer is required to regulate such special attention so as to restrict alcohol use, especially the many animal ingredients. Because of these characteristics the product is introduced to the product, such as one day the fair will minimize animal caught a lot of eyes.

Among them were also the products that have been proven to Greater China, etc., as well as domestic. Here are exploring the halal market is being spotlighted recently.

The staffs said " A famous Korean entertainer, Park Si Hoo who so popular in China and Hong Kong as their model had launched the products for the first time. " and " Halal market is currently trying to apply for the relevant permits and certificates ready to advance."

For a small cosmetics company has production facilities for aggressively to put forward for halal products among the existing permission of halal products as difficult as possible to secure new. In the case of the exclusion of animal products and alcohol, even if you do not have to adapt to halal standards and domestic production it is available separately Halal expansion.

Cosmetics brand 'Barcelona' officials who participated in the fair and "made containing vegetable pure vitamin minimize animal and chemical composition" "This animal ingredients down rather than manufacture for separate halal and would receive the Halal approval for the product itself, "he said.

Venture Company Bagh preceded the biliary animal raw materials, minimizing the chemical composition and the basic ingredients as the main ingredient berry product brand 'Dessert table' currently exploring the Halal market, including Malaysia.

Place the decorated Bagh containing 'table' which visualizes the image of their brand in the booth caught the attention of visitors. Behind a table decorated with a variety of dishes are prepared at the bar geudam gotta cosmetics shelf.

Gwonsunjae bar geudam Planning met at the scene section is explained, "it was initially launched the brand aims to Halal market from" and "greater purpose of creating cosmetics for hard-to-use cosmetic unlimited local people due to Islamic doctrine, rather than profit side." .

Halal version of "Mayu cream 'could also meet. General halal cosmetics ingredients thoroughly and to eliminate the animal is attracted as something else.

Dr. H. Choi biaen (Dr.Choi B & H) has introduced in the domestic and professional Mayu cream products manufactured by the Japanese Fair. Company officials say "cream can get a permit if it meets the criteria halal slaughter process, but animal ingredients" and "Mayu other ingredients do not put other ingredients such as alcohol seems to be on track to receive halal certification," he said.

Meanwhile, according to industry worldwide halal cosmetics market is estimated at about 100 trillion. Coming future expectations are also high enough to reach the 14% average annual growth rate by 2019.

As in recent years, particularly in the Middle East and Southeast Asian markets, such as the beauty industry increased, the popularity of Korea dramas and entertainers rising preference for Korean cosmetics market is regarded as nunyeogyeobol.

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