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Friday, January 20, 2017

Navicon news : " Shot naked scene in one day " Park Si Hoo's interview for drama " Local Hero " DVD

This is an interview by Japanese news
To promote drama " Local Hero " DVD sets 1 & 2
 that will come out in Japan on May 2, 2017.

No time to check the google translation to you but still readable, sorry!

Shoot all naked scenes in one day! 
 "Heroless Name Hero <Hero" Interview with Park Shihu!  Preview video

"Hero without a name <hero>" (original title: hero of the town) which was released 
in April is the main work of Park Sihoo who is the first time in 3 years since 
"Cheongdam-dong Alice", sad past The man 's action · love romance secretly in love! 
Since the official interview arrived, 
we introduced with the photograph, the official website was released today, 
preview notice movie was released. 

● Drama Introduction and DVD release information introduction article 

Please tell us about 

■ Role as Baek Shiyun. 

It is a former intelligence agency who was injured in the heart, but it is not only serious 
but also funny. Because I am performing, it looks very similar to me (laugh), 
but the comical place is similar in particular. 

■ Do you have any persons to used it as a spy role? 

I like spy movies since I was a child, and I watched various movies this time too. 
However, since none of the characters are different from Baek Shyun of "Unnamed Hero ", 
after all, since the character was different, after all, imagining Shiun from himself as 
it is drawn in the script It was. Whenever I always perform, I try to find the part closer 
to me than that role rather than to make a special role. I think that it is better to draw out 
the advantages of yourself as much as possible and make use of it to the character, 
but the character looks naturally as vibrant. I often imagine myself as a character of a role 
to act like before going to bed, but the work that creates so is very interesting. 

■ Shiyun hides the features and becomes a manager of the bar, 
but if you are in the same situation, what kind of occupation will you choose? 

Because I like interior, it is an interior trimmer. If so, you can invade the target house dignifiedly
 by saying construction work, you can secretly get various information (laugh). 

■ There was also a large-scale location in Macao. How was your shooting? 

I did experience that other male performers did not do. I took kiss scenes continuously 
with two actresses. First I took Yuri (role of John Yeon) and Mr. Yunso (Soan role)
 shortly afterwards, but I was very puzzled. Why did I make such a schedule (laugh). 
It was quite rare experience. 

■ How was it with the other co-stars? 

Lee Soo-hyuk (Mr. Choi · Chang Kyu) is really silent and I am also shy, so the early stage 
was very strange feeling. Even in the play, it is a relationship wary of each other, so it seems 
that it looks natural on the contrary? From the way, I completely satisfied because I was able
 to open up and have a better play. Then, Mr. Jo Sung-ha (Im · Te ho role of criminal), 
Yuri, and Jung Man-shik (former boss Jeon Soo-hyuk of Shyun) were also very pleasant 
and nice people. Jo Seong-ha was a manly and profound image, but when you join 
the scene at the scene, it is a person who feels like "the mood maker". 
It was very bright and I think that three daughters came, but it was really okay 
with my eyes and I used to make everyone laugh a lot. Then, Mr. Yoon Tae-young 
(role as Yun Sang-min, confrontation with Shyun) was a very cool feeling in the first impression, 
but as the shooting progressed, we talked a lot and we often said jokes Sane It was a person
 who expresses laughter with body more than words (laugh). Director Kwak also gives out 
an exhilarating okay, so the atmosphere at the shooting site was really good. It was fun shooting. 
Did my tango with Yuri? I practiced about a couple of times, but the tango was difficult. 
Yuri was a good player! She is an idol and there are also elements of dance. 
I just relied on her (laugh). Thanks to Yuri who took out the power, 
I was able to do it well.

 ■ What was difficult in performing? 

Shiyun is a role that is good for martial arts, 
so there are many action scenes, but such a scene was dangerous and tough. 
Because of that, when taking pictures for days, sometimes my body does not move as 
I wish .... But Aikido, Taekwondo and Boxing I learned as a child were very helpful 
this time. Another thing was that there were many scenes that became naked in the upper 
half of my body. Shiun was also a person who had been exercised, and I was building up 
my body before shooting, but when I received and read the script of the second episode 
and later, there was a bed scene, anyway, I have to take it off well I knew 
it was impossible (laugh). It is quite difficult to keep good body condition for 
the whole shoot. As a result of suffering, I took all the shoots of the undoing scene last. 
So, I shot all the naked scenes in one day (laugh). During the shoot we adjusted
 the meal and had training at the shooting site as long as 
we had time. Walking long distances while waiting for the shooting. 
I feel I was suspended all day in the suspension scene. 
Was it worth it, did not it feel good? 
While seeing the video, I got a satisfying smile (laugh). 

■ Which scenes or lines are most impressed? 

It was an impressive action using a shoelace. It was unique. Can you fight a number of
 opponents with shoelaces alone? Although I thought, when I shoot and looked 
at the monitor, it was very cool feeling. It was hard to shoot, but I think that
 it was worth it and it made a nice scene.

 ■ What is the NG scene that remains in the impression? 

The scene at the hospital was hard to keep laughing. But, I can not remember at the beginning 
what caused me to such a situation for the first time (laugh). Too much people started to laugh, 
so it was time to take a break. What if you would like to choose another hero besides 
Baek Shi-youn among the characters of the work? Lee Soo-Hyuk played a fast-paced 
Changgyu. Even if you teach various things swallowing seems to be premature, 
after all the hero must have a high physical ability! 

■ Your message to Japanese fans "Nameless Heroes <Hero>", did you enjoy?

 From now on, I will do my best to show you more cool figure with better works. 
Please expect it. Hello everyone, let's meet again! "Nameless Heroes <Hero>" 
DVD-BOX1 4 April released DVD-BOX2 5 February sale price: each 15,200 yen (body)
 + tax Publisher: content Seven Publisher: NBC Universal Entertainment (C) 
CJ E & M Corporation, all rights reserved. [detailed explanation] 
[enjoy double the "Nameless heroes"] ◇ DVD official site

Credit :, thank you!

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