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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, January 21, 2017

JOFC : Drama " Local Hero " DVD that will come out in Japan Part 1

Yesterday so many sites informed us about this DVD.

We try to gather all pictures & VDO to show you in here

First, let start with JOFC!

Link :

Translated by Google

Nameless Heroes <Hero> DVD of decision! 

( 原題:町のヒーロー)」DVD化決定!
Park Si Hoo starring latest film "Nameless Heroes <Hero> 
(Original title: City of Hero)" DVD of decision!

When you book with MENTOR shop, entitled to come with the original Offer!

 "Nameless Heroes <Hero>"


将来を嘱望された中央情報局員だったペク・シユン(パク・シフ) は、


ジョンヨン(ユリ) とその友人が暴漢に



チャンギュ(イ・スヒョク) はひょんなことから出会った警察官テホ
(チョ・ソンハ) の依頼で情報局のOBを尾行していた。


ソアン(チェ・ユンソ) が現れるのだが――。

< Story >

Great hopes in the future 
a central information clerk was Baek Shiyun (Park Si-hoo) is,

In order to explore the three years the truth before the incident 
that occurred shall be deemed to be replaced during the mission, now,
 OB we gather information station "Bar neighbor"

It is purchase management. One day, Shiyun is part-time job of "Bar neighbor", 
and its friends in the thug yong (lily)

Encounter a place that is a stricken look. Is Shiyun you want to hide 
the true identity hidden a face with a cap and a mask to Tossa,

Help the two people. Jong is with it since, will investigate the identity of the person 
who helped themselves. On the other hand, police officers aspiring

Changyu (Lee hyuk) had been tailing the OB of the Information Office at the request 
of police officers Tae-ho (Jo Sung-ha), which was met by some freak coincidence.

But one day, the OB would have been killed. In front of the Shiyun in such, 
ex-girlfriend, which stood the contact since three years ago incident

Draft (Choi Yunso), but he appears -.

■DVD-BOX1【第1話~第8話】 2017年4月4日(火)発売
■ DVD-BOX1 [Episode 1 - Episode 8] April 4, 2017 (Tuesday) Release

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