Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, January 20, 2017

Poster of Park Si Hoo events since 2014

Checking around at Mentor shop

Then click " Event " to remind us how far we went since 2014 till this present

There were some events that missing from Mentor ;
Then we added them up by ourselves!^^

Timeline from the latest to earliest

Valentines event 2017

Chinese fans Event 2016 in Jeju

Hoo Factory Tour 2016 in Seoul

Odaiba Concert 2016 in Tokyo

ENISHI Event 2016 in Miyazaki

Live Concert 2016 in Tokyo

Birthday Tour 2016

Local Hero Tour 2016,

Gimje Event 2015

ENISHI Event 2015, 

 Birthday 2015 At Lotte Hotel in Seoul

ENISHI Event 2014 at Jeju Island

2nd Japan Fan Meeting 2014 in Nagoya

1st Japan Fan meeting in Yokohama 2014

Birthday 2014 in Buyeo

Movie " Scent " Tour in Busan 2014

The 2nd Exhibition 2014 in Osaka

The 1st Exhibition in Tokyo 2013

Credit : mentorshop, thank you!


  1. It is good to remember these events through these posters. Thank you! But I have a small correction. Poster no. 11 is at the Birthday of April 2015 (at Lotte World Hotel, Seoul), and not in Schanghai (this fan meeting was in February 2015).

    1. Yes, You're right! Thank you for correcting me!^^