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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, August 11, 2017

KBS News : Park Si Hoo · Shin Hye Sun starring KBS 'My Golden Life' 1st broadcast on 9/2

Have to post again because it's from KBS!^^

Park Si Hoo and Shin Hye Sun were casted as the protagonists 
Of KBS 2TV new weekend 'My Golden Life'. 

KBS said on September 11 that they will broadcast their 'My Golden Life' 
on September 2, following 'My father is strange'. 

This is a new work by Hyun Kyung Soo, who wrote 'My Daughter Seoyoung Lee', 
which depicts a story that opens up to a woman who wants to escape 
from a 'dirty cutter' with a chance of rising identity. 

Recently, Shin Hye Sun, who has received attention from 'The Secret Forest', 
will play an office worker 'Seo Ji An' with no money and no luck. If she can become 
a full-time employee, she will have a chance to change her life one day. 

Park Si Hoo plays the chaebol, 'Choi Do Kyung'. He is the only son of Haesung Group
 who head of strategic planning department. 

With them, Lee Tae-hwan, Seo Eun-su, Lee Tae-sung, 
and Da-in will attract the story of young people. 

In addition, Chung Ho Jin, Kim Hyeon Ok, Jeon Min Min, 
Na Young Hee and other middle age actors have joined in.


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