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Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Your favorite K-POP male group & Korean male actor Questionnaire in progress!

To : Park Si Hoo fans!

Sourced by kei88, thank you!

I have something fun for you to play!

If you aren't Japanese then better to show you how to have fun!^^

This  Japanese website calls " Weekly Female PRIME "

Asking you about your favorite K-pop or K- drama stars!

How it works?

First, you click this link :

The article said...

My favorite K-POP male group & Korean male actor, Questionnaire in progress!

Weekly female PRIME July 25, 2017

Please cooperate with the questionnaire on Female Korean style weekly!
 Also in 2017, the momentum of the K - pop male group such as EXO, 2 PM, 
bulletproof boys' group, supernova, etc will not stop. Meanwhile, Korean male actors 
such as Lee Jun Ki, Jang Keun Suk and Park Bogum continue to attract Japanese women ♪

 Of course, Korean current articles are very popular in our website
 "Weekly Woman PRIME"!

 So, we will carry out a questionnaire of your favorite 
K-POP male group & Korean male actor 
and we will announce it in the article of "Weekly Woman PRIME" in August.

 Please let us hear your voice!

 Answers are accepted from the following buttons 
(If you click, you will jump to the questionnaire site). 
We appreciate your cooperation!

* Jump to the answer site from this link as well → 

* This questionnaire will be used for "Weekly Women PRIME" only. 
Regarding the handling of personal information, please check the privacy policy 
from the homepage of the housewife and life shi company ( )
 issued and operated .


PSH's Fans, please click here! 

After you clicked there will be many pages to go but do not freak out , it's easy!^^

1. The next page will ask your personal information in Japanese!

例:女性・10代・学生、女性・28歳・会社員 など
<Q1> Please tell me your sex, age (age), occupation.
Example: female · teens · student , female · 28 years old · employee etc.

What did I do?

I just paste one of the sample they gave to us in the answer box!

Like this... ~女性・10代・学生、( female · teens · student) 
or this ~ 女性・28歳・会社員  (female · 28 years old · employee)

(** You can change your age if you want to )

Then click " okay "

Next page will be question about Who is your favorite K-Pop star!
You don't need to answer them just skip all of them from Q2-1 ~ Q4-2
(All of them about K-Pop star)

(The skip button at the bottom right, not show in here )

Now the first question you have to answer is Q5-1 and go all the way to the end!

Let see what they will ask you!

2. Actor's Name 


<Q5-1> Please list one of the Korean male actors you like best.
* Especially, if you can not answer, you can skip it and it is OK.

 Your answer in Japanese will be : パクシフ (Park Si Hoo)

3. Reason (why you like him?)


<Q5-2> Please tell me the reason.
* Especially, if you can not answer, you can skip it and it is OK.

I give you some sample words in Japanese for you to use ;

ハンサム  : Handsome
可愛い  : Cute
彼は良い俳優です  :  He’s a good actor

Or you can write anything you want

4. Name of your favorite drama or movie 


<Q6> List one piece of your favorite Korean drama or movie work 
and your favorite character in that work. Please tell me why.
* Especially, if you can not answer, you can skip it and it is OK.

Dramas in Japanese

王女の男 : The Princess’ Man
殺人の告白 : Confession of Murder
「名もなき英雄<ヒーロー> : Local Hero

I didn't write his character's name!

Don't think it's important, you can skip that.

And that's it! 

Next page they will talk about their SNS for you to below

Thank you for your cooperation!
The results of the questionnaire will be announced in August
On the news site 'Weekly female PRIME' article.

* You can receive news by following
 "Weekly Women's Official Twitter & Follow & Facebook" page!


 Okay! You're done!

It's one time participation.

Have fun? 😃 

Thank you, everyone! 

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