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Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

MGL : Actor, Wi Hyeoni joins in KBS drama ' My Golden Life'

Wi Hyeoni* drama 'My Golden Life' ... 
 Park Si Hoo · Shin Hye Sun and Actor , Lee Joon Jun will join the KBS 2TV 
weekend drama 'My Golden Life' (directed by Kim Hyung Suk). 
* (Follow his spelling in English on his instagram) 

'My Golden Life' is a dramatic drama about a woman who greets the opportunity 
to rise in status and falls into hell and realizes how to find happiness in it. 

As soon as So Hyun Kyung and Kim Hyung Suk PD cooperate together, 
they are attracting attention as a meeting between a star writer and a director. 

Wi Hyeoni will play a bodyguard and driver for actress, Choi Seo Hyun 
whois a sister of Choi Do Kyung who's a male character. Ryu Jing Shin has a brain that
 only graduated from high school, but he owns a look as if he came out from 
the catwalk even when he wears a 5,000 won T-shirt and 10,000 won jeans

 Because of the clean image, he gets a job as Seo Hyun's bodyguard, 
and does not reveal his gorgeous double life to anyone. 
It is a good idea to have a good looking visual and to be able to take care of it. 

Wi Hyeoni, who made his debut as a young Ugon in the movie 'Chinatown' in 2014, 
has made various works ranging from 'Cutter' to 'The Bad Guy Must Die', 
'Park Ji-yeon' and MBC Mini Series 'Goodbye Mr. Black' 
He has been building his career steadily. 

'My golden life' is scheduled to be broadcast in early September after 'My father is strange'. 

Credit : reporter Hong Se-young, thank you!

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