Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Exclusive broadcasting of the most popular actor, Park Si Hoo Fan Meeting

Beautiful Webpage they created for Park Si Hoo

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Please go to the link and see it yourself

Exclusive broadcasting of the most popular actor, Park Si Hoo Fan Meeting

Hallyu Star Park Si Hoo who is popular mainly in Asia, 
such as "The Princess' s Man", "Cheongdam-dong Alice" "Unnamed Hero " 

Park Si Hoo starring drama festival! A big thank-you tour "
entitled a theme different for every five performances nationwide, 
the name scene, the name speech, and Park Si Hoo appeared in that costume 
reproduced the name scene in front of you. 

Broadcast special corner for channel galaxy viewers only! 

Fans : Do not miss out a lot of valuable pictures that are irresistible!


Attract fans with a different production for each performance!

Broadcast schedule


"Park Si Hoo starring Drama · Fes! Great Thanksgiving Tour" 
What is the Fukuoka Performance?

In Fukuoka performance, I wore Korean clothes (Hanbok) 
which is the costume of the drama "The Princess' s Man". 
I'd appeared in various events, but please pay attention 
because I have never worn Hanbok before .

Do you feel different when you wear Korean clothes ?

After all I will be different from usual. When I wears Korean clothes.
 I feel that I can be easy in my heart, I feel relax the way I walk, 
I feel that every single move becomes elegant. 
Although I may wear a New Year's greeting etc., I feel naturally tightened.

You had played various roles, but do you have a fun genre to play?

Love romance has the greatest opportunity to play, so it's easy to do. 
Also, because actions are different from love romance, 
you can see the charm as a man and I like it.

What the impression does Japan have for Park Si Hoo?

Every time I come to Japan, I think that the city is very beautiful. 
Especially in Fukuoka the night view is beautiful, 
I took a walk a little at night, but it was a very pleasant experience. 
I was also surprised that many stalls appeared. 
I would like to go out to eat when the event is over.

Please send a message to all Japanese fans.

The video of 'Park Si Hoo starring Drama · Fes Great Thanksgiving Tour' 
will be broadcast on Channel Galaxy. We prepared a lot of tricks that everyone can enjoy, 
so please be sure to visit the channel galaxy! Since I think that I would like to do my best 
to meet you with new works from now on, please look forward to it too!

Credit :, thank you!

*** I had tried the possibility if oversea fans can apply this channel.
Look like it's very difficult to do because you have to fill in the address 
and wait for them to call to confirm your application.

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