Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, November 27, 2015

After Love article : Introducing movie & stars ... Part # 2

2016 love struck "miss love"

2015-11-04 East less Beijing Jin Qiang Spirit Communication Co., Ltd.

Love can be to each other, work life; love can also be the end of his life, thoughts into the wound. Each love is touching, but can only be late for love in return sigh, which does not sigh and old with the passage of time, nor fade with the years of precipitation.

Jin Chengjun has been quietly ignored loved his wife until her death of his wife realized that good, in his wife's desire to help in the process, found himself and his wife had met boyhood, and cordial to each other, the wife is regarded themselves as first love, deeply loved his repentant tears his regret

water. Wait until the loss came before, that has been overlooked is how important the people around actually exists. But this time it was too late, lost already come back. After this went on, love parting, complain long, seeking not, fit. Perhaps old age is only one scene Candeng companions.
He said initially only the most pure, uh red in this feeling of first love Momo related pay, careful, do not expect anything in return, her desire to one day completely into his world. But fate would have it, the day came too late, but also did not wait for death. She loved the end, is the beginning of his love.

There are many interpretations of love, true love, immortality immortal, not because Tianrenyongge disappear or diminish. Tired of its profound feelings to the old, it is better to hang some flow, love has been here. At the same time, cherish the present one, cherish what you have now, the next life, whether love and not love, not goodbye.

In any case, please, cherish the love, protection love.

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