Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Confession of Murder in Japanese version!

This week, no news is bigger than this news!

~ A Remake version of movie " Confession of Murder " in Japanese ~

Many of us may ask, why is such a big deal? 
Park Si Hoo won't even be in it!

I don't know I have the right answer for you here either.

It's just a fan's thought!^^

Okay, let's start!

* This project runs by Japanese production and it's a big budget movie.

* No one will remake terrible movie to begin with,
Then COM will get recognized as a classic movie of all time.

* We understand why they can't have Park Si Hoo in this version. 
But if you do some research about the actor who will play " Lee Du Seuk " role,

Tatsuya Fujiwara 

You will know he isn't just any actor but he's a very well known & popular actor 
in both domestic & oversea as well! 
I'm sure he will take care of our Lee Du Seuk just fine!^^

* If the movie became a hugh success & a blockbuster in Japan, 
Everyone will want to see or know more about the original version that Park Si Hoo's in it. 
And we know what they will think about his performance after they watched it!

** I think this is an important reason why this remake movie can give back 
to Park Si Hoo in Japanese market! Not only K-drama viewers knew him 
but Japanese moviegoers will get to know who is Park Si Hoo. 

From the news ; Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English, 
you can see they used Park Si Hoo's image in the article. 
Isn't it telling us something about " Park Si Hoo effect " with this movie?

We love Jung Jay Young and he is a kind senior for Park Si Hoo both in & out of the camera.
But no one can deny the fact that Park Si Hoo's creation of the serial Killer, Lee Du Seuk 
had given a new look of the evil characters in South Korea show business.

Park Si Hoo always said he likes to act as a villain or serial killer 
like his favorite actor, Edward Norton. Yes...he did with this movie!^^ 

Now we can say to Park Si Hoo....
From now on...someone else may watch his movie
 so many times as much as he watched " Edward Norton's movies " 

 ...Just to figure out what make his Lee Du Seuk so special 
till the movie had broken a record as one of the movies had been shown in theater 
longer than a year period from 2013-2014. And still keep showing occasionally!^^

 And how they can make it possible again in this remake version!^^

We wish the new Japanese version 
and anyone who involve in this production
 A huge success in next summer 2017!

But I still doubt...
Anyone can replace the original Lee Du Seuk from our hearts!^^

Right, Mr. Lee!^^

Of course! 
Because I am your one & only Lee Du Seuk!

Thank you!

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