Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, June 16, 2017

Star News VDO : Park Si Hoo leaving his car to Japan to promote his Drama Festival

By K STAR live Star News, thank you!



Park Si Hoo is left to Japan to meet with Japanese fans.

This June, Park Sihoo revealing his look at Incheon International Airport
 to attend the promotions that are going on in Japan.

[Field notes: journalists]

Where you're going?

[Field notes: Park Sihoo]

PSH : I'm going to Japan

[Field notes: journalists]

Some days it's visibility in Japan?

[Field notes: Park Sihoo]

PSH : It was my previous dramas and 
they are going to broadcast on the terrestrial promotions

June'm currently work starring Park Sihoo are being broadcast in Japan throughout.

[Field notes: Park Sihoo]

PSH : What jeoya letting broadcasting stations I feel very comfortable recommended

Park Sihoo has also prepared a special meeting with the Japanese fans 
that dramatic match promotions.

As well as holding a terrestrial broadcasting in Japan and hands haetneundeyo also conducted special broadcast recording. That the various aspects of the Park Sihoo find the Japanese Kanazawa damgil known for attracting the expectations of the local fans in Japan.

[Field notes: Park Sihoo]

PSH : To K STAR viewers a long time now, 
I plan to come to Japan and Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka promotions 
soon I will come to the good work, Take care until then

Drama [neighborhood of Heroes]
 Park Sihoo chopped in popularity once again in Japan Broadcasting Japan! 
Without hesitation moves of Hallyu star Park Sihoo the future will continue to be.

Credit K Star news, thank you!

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