Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Our words to Park Si Hoo

Just wrote my comment to Park Si Hoo at Sihoorang

Want to share with you, hope you don't mind!^^

You can write your comment to him here too 
And I will deliver to Sihoorang for you, thank you!

With this picture!^^

Dear my beloved actor : 

I hope I can find the word to explain how happy I am for you! 
Never doubt even once why we love you! It doesn't matter how far between you & us 
your sincerity has brought us closer! Cheer up! It will be fun & fantastic! 
It will be a drama that people can't stop talking about! 
You are a Hero not in that Neighborhood but to your fans around the world! 
Of course, we are your pillars and you're our home! We can't live without one another! 
Local Hero! Beak Si Yoon! Park Si Hoo! Fighting! And keep laughing^^



  1. Nikki, sorry I had a busy day, I know it’s a bit late but this is my message for Park Si Hoo.
    Dear Si Hoo ssi,
    I’m your fan from far away who was spiritually beside you in your journey to come back on small screen in your country.
    I have been watching over you with love and admiration for your determination to pursue your dream, for your manner to overpass hardship, remaining true to yourself all this time. At the end of this journey, I congratulate you for what you achieved along the way and I say you gratefully: Park Si Hoo, you worked hard, you did well, I’m so proud to be your fan, you are one of a kind.
    I enjoyed all your works and I’m sure will enjoy Baek Si Yoon and Local Hero too because they have your hallmark so please stay light-hearted and confident. Thank you for always bring me joy and happiness.
    Daniela - a Romanian fan

    1. Never be too late, Daniela! I will post it today for you! He will be happy to read your message'