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Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, August 14, 2017

News : Family tree of Park Si Hoo to Shin Hye Sun" ... "My Golden Life"

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KBS 2TV new weekend drama 'My golden life' is about the relationship between 
the family has been opened to the public. Chun Ho-jin and Jeon-min have been 
attracting attention because they can recognize the family relations of people at a glance.

Follow 'My father is strange' for the first broadcast on September 2, 
' My Golden Life' side of the family on August 14 to understand the relationship 
between family members to reveal the relationship at a glance.

' My Golden Life' is a family drama that shows the untold feelings of a golden life 
unfolding in the life of three unemployed women who want to get out of their poverty.

The relationship is centered on the relationship between the couple who are in
 the open family relationship - Seo Tae Soo (Chun Ho Jin) - Yang Mi Jung 
(Kim Hae Ok) and Choi Jae Sung (Jeon Min Min) In particular, they are curious about 
what kind of relationship the two families can not find in common.

If you look at the family of Seo Tae Soo, there are four children in Seo Tae Soo - 
Yang Mi Jung couple. Seo Tae-soo is a typical father of the Republic of Korea 
who tries to fulfill his responsibilities to the family only as a family leader. 
She is also a full-time housewife who has lived for a lifetime looking only 
at her husband and children.

Seo Ji-tae (Lee Tae-sung), the first son of Seo's family, is a 30-year-old man 
who is a representative of N-generation but pursuing a non-marriage relationship. 
Under her, there is a fraternal twin, a surgeon (Shin Hye Sun) - Seo Ji-soo (Seo Eun Su).

On the other hand, Ji'an's twin sister, Seo Ji-soo makes a living by part-time job such as 
working in a bakery that she likes without a certain job, but he is a prater who has 
no complaints about her life. Seo Ji-ho (Shin Hyun-soo), the youngest son of Taesu, 
is a realist who has experienced materialistic society at first and jumped into
the front line of business at a young age.

In addition, the relationship between Choi Jae-sung family called Hae Sung group 
attracts attention. Choi Jae-sung is vice chairman of Hae Sung Group, a major group 
in Korea, but a person who lives with his ambition to go up to a higher place. 
On the other hand, Roh Myung Hee, his wife and the real hostess of the Haesung group, 
shows the tremendous momentum of chaebol's mana in any embarrassing situation,

In addition, Choi DO Kyung (Park Sihoo), the eldest son of Haesung Group, is a chaebol 
who has been in the elite course since his birth. Being a model for the Noblesse Obligor 
is a goal in his lifetime. His sister, Seo Hyun Choi (Daein), is a daughter of a wealthy
 family who major in music and obey his parents' words.

Especially, with two family members, it is eye-catching the image of Sun Woo Hyuk 
('It is an important person'). Sunwoo Lee, who is also a close high school friend in
 the bureau, is already raising his curiosity about what kind of relationship he will have 
with these families in the future.

In this way, ' My Golden Life' will be a colorful story about a family based on 
the relationship between the family of Seo and the Haesung group. Especially, 
it is anticipated that the character of anti-charm with their own story will draw
 the unforeseeable story which is not ordinary.

" My Golden Life' crew said it will be a family drama, which will be a sympathetic 
family drama of all generations." "I would like to have a lot of excitement 
and interest because the exciting family story will be held in the background of 
the middle class Tae Soo Su and the Chaebol 
Choi Jae Sung family." Said.

'My Golden Life' is scheduled for the first broadcast at 7:55 pm on September 2.

Credit : / photo = KBS, thank you!

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