Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Local Hero : A Japanese action star will be a special guest in the drama

Source by Mikida, thank you!
Picture sourced by Mei Park, thank you!

His name is Masaya Kato

The news says Masaya Kato will be a guest star 
in drama  "Local Hero"  in 1-2 episodes with Park Si Hoo & Yuri

Not much information besides he's an action type actor who played in many movies 
before including some movies with Jacky Chan! So we guess he probably will act as 
a Japanese gangster or Yakuza leader or something!^^

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  1. I know this actor from korean movie Fighter in the Wind,very good looking I must say! I read he's a very good martial artist, so it's gonna be interesting and existing ti watch, I hope, in a fight scene with Sihoo!!

    1. Hi Fabiola, You know this really like watching big action movie not just TV show! They even invite actor from Japan to play against Park Si Hoo ( Our guess^^ ) That's even make Beak Si Yoon is more special in the drama, some kind of no one else can fight against him in the whole Korea so they have to hire someone else to get rid of Beak Si Yoon! Really cool! I like it! Hahaha!