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Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fan's article : Park Si Hoo's voice, appearance, and acting

Written by Verna_Chen_, thank you!

Too good to ignore, hope you can get it as much as I do!^^

Google translation!

When we talk about Si Hoo, we always talk about his voice, his appearance, and his act!

When we talk about Shi thick, we must talk about his sound (mellow charming voice), 
color (Seiitsu handsome appearance), art (more than one person acting face)!

To talk about it in his voice, Shi thick sound very nice, mellow and soft, very charming cadence. His lines a solid foundation, the emotional ups and downs of the characters were shown to be very natural comfortable. Conclusion on the word, as you look at his films are dubbed in the form, then you've got to go big treasure! Oh, do not blame me remind you, see Shi thick acoustic version of the play is unmissable!

Based on his charming voice has many fans, Shi Hoo has released more singles record, 
I believe fans of his songs set to single cycle, day listening to a lot of people listen to the night!

Yan talk about his values, Seiitsu handsome Shi Hoo is well known, his features are very delicate looking, but do not affect men resolute temperament revealed!

His temperament is very good, brow occasionally a little melancholy, but it is said in life, 
it was a very loving person laugh, all these extraneous cognitive contradiction gives,
 for he has a very strong sense of curiosity, In short, he is very attractive!

Finally, talk about his "arts (acting ability)," it! Because, I say! If you have not seen 
him play, his performances, you really do not know how much his charm? !

Here, I'll analogy it!

Even though I have not done serious statistics, but in my superficial understanding, 
it seems quite a number of fans because occasionally watched a movie Shi thick 
 deeply fascinated and eventually become his loyal fans, including me!

This because the play several scenes, a clip, a play and very obsessed actor, 
should be minimal! Look, you can imagine how much his charm, right? !

There are fans said it was like his eyes would be acting, in fact as well as his little face, 
lively, lovely, when you put in the time to see him perform, and occasionally 
you can feel his own personality small naughty!

Do you want to believe it and went to see his work, especially early, "Glory", 
I believe this is the majority of thick powder strongly recommended, right? !


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