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Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

PSH WeChat : Chinese News...Park Si Hoo, Live concert in Tokyo

This is the news was posted at WeChat that they picked to inform fans! The article is similar from the one we posted before but his official site picked this article for fans to read so let's read it again!^^

Link at his Wechat :

Translated from Chinese to English by Google :

Park Si Hoo, Live concert in Tokyo

16-05-10 14:02

On May 7, Park Si Hoo successfully finished his concert 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. 
Fans packed the concert Hall to give us a real sense of Park Si Hoo's popularity.
Park Si Hoo held the meeting at the largest place in Japan, about six thousand square feet center 
That open for international forum staged. Recently many Korean stars had hard time to play in.
It really show a very different situation here.

The first time but it is a wake-up call for Korean to re-ignite fans. 

At the concert, Park Si Hoo especially sang 12 songs both in Korean and Japanese, and a variety of perfect choreography. Park Si Hoo performed at the concert with ;  season in the sun, shampoos, and so today I will love you songs, with different clothes, gorgeous stage show, which attracted Japanese fans of visual and auditory.

At the concert, he also prepared communication time with his fans. From ' Local Hero" to " After Love ", Park Si Hoo bluntly bare a lot about the story of his own acting.

His agency company " Hoo factory", said Park Si Hoo's efforts led to the success of this concert, 
if fans feel his effort, he is so happy so really appreciated. We hope more fans can be more happy.

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