Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mama Park...Pyung Ho & Wu Ho're fighing again!^^

* Please don't take it too serious, everyone!*

We love the Park brothers and these pictures 
just give me some silly idea!^^

Don't know where to call Mama Park, 
just pretend she's at Buyeo home!^^

Mama Park! Mama Park!

They did it again, Mama!

Wu Ho : Over there, see!
Pyung Ho : Where ?

Pyung Ho : What do you want me to see ?
Wu Ho : Fans! Your fans! Not mine!

Pyung Ho : Okay! I see! But you don't need to shout at me!
Wu Ho : If I won't shout you wouldn't pay attention to me!

Pyung Ho :  Now I did, happy yet?
Wu Ho : Yes, I'm happy so I won't tell Mama!

Okay! Wu Ho is happy now, Mama!^^

Happy ending...the tale of two brothers!^^

Credit :, thanks!


  1. Lovely story! Thank you Nikki. You are so good at this: pictures with cute commentary. Thank you for make me laugh.

    1. You're welcome! It makes me happy to know I can make people happy!^^ And thanks for these two brothers' contribution!^^

  2. Haha, Wu Ho im your fan also. Jejejeje I remember in one of their interview. The reporter asked Oppa if he beat his brother when he did something wrong to him.

    Oppa laughed and looked at Wu Hoo then pointed out Wu Ho figure to the reporter then Oppa said: How can i beat him, Look at him! (He mean Wu Hoo body size)

    It sounds like how can Oppa beat someone big as Wu Hoo.

    So funny. I love also Wu Hoo he is very caring to his Older brother.

    1. You guys are too much!^^ Many of PSH's fans had become Wu Ho's fans lately! Both of them are the cutest scene to see when they are together! They love & care to each other, the world will be more beautiful if everyone love each other like they do!^^