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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Park Si Hoo in T.O.P Magazine : His Interview Part # 1 : Neighborhood Hero

Link : PSH_Zone, thank you!

This is the article by Chinese fan who kindly translated Park Si Hoo's interview from Japanese magazine T.O.P in Chinese! So we use Google translated this article for us so it won't be 100% accurate but as I said before if I can read it so can you!^^

Agents? Ambassador? Male God? No, he was just like the big boys playground!

2015-12-23 psh_zone Shi Hoo station


He starred in "Queen of Reversals" "The Princess' Man" "Cheongdam-dong Alice" and many other classic drama and widely welcomed by the Asian fans of the famous South Korean actress Park Si Hoo, recently starred OCN / Korean drama "hero next door cable channels "And once again become the focus of a star actor Korean community. After the play is about the pain of former secret agents full retreat, secretly helped story Neighborhood and evil confrontation. This community life as the background of the espionage drama, Park Si Hoo is goodbye for three years after the return of the screen. This first challenge different from the past hero image, Park Si Hoo therefore more highly anticipated comeback. Since October start shooting, he has every day in the deepening works, sharpen acting. Meanwhile, Park Si Hoo movie "aroma" States aggressively in Asia, the new film "miss love" will be released in the spring of next year while South Korea, China and Japan. By "edge / ENISHI" release Japanese version of PC Magazine, Park Si Hoo in another particular form and fans were a close exchange, and in September this year in Ise-Shima organized the "edge / ENISHI" Readers limited activity, and fans together to create unforgettable memories. In Korea, "Beijinti horizon Festival" in October, as the Park Shi Hoo and fans ambassadors from all over Asia
 together to experience traditional Korean culture grand festival.

By works show the best state of his own, it is the best thanks!

After "Cheongdam-dong Alice", say goodbye to return to three-year Korean community
Park Si Hoo, I hope, "a little earlier so that we see the new work", then select the 郭正焕
director of "neighborhood hero." This will be January 23, 2016 premiere of the new play,
since its start shooting in October, will be subject to the fans look forward to. "Next Door Hero"
what is a kind of work? Park Shi Hoo decide what appeared opportunity again?
 Let us listen to the actor's story.

Here come Park Si Hoo's interview :

PSH : This role is an agent, is the type of challenge I have not before. Director Guo Zhenghuan 
had directed historical drama "push slave", there is a very strong dramatic expression, 
so, after I saw the script with "must starred in the play" idea. So it is so decided.

 The new drama, played by Park Si Hoo actor, quitted his job and into community life,
secretly helping people is different from the previous unsung heroes. So,
please Si Hoo monarch us about the role of the relevant content of it.

PSH : This role is very special, a little hard to say ah ...... In short, then, 
He's a formerly worked at the National Intelligence Agency, for some reason after the resignation, reduced to a certain community, where he helped community and eventually become the hero of the story. I played Baek Si Yoon, was originally a very serious heart
 heavy people, the heart has very deep shadows and pain. Just received the script, 
this feeling is very strong. After I met with the director , this feeling even heavier.
 Although really need to show a deep look very serious, but I think how it could not fully 
meet the work in the role of feeling. I want to behave more fitting role. After talked with 
the director, I was more in-depth understanding of the role of the character. Needless to say,
 the heart is very painful, but at the same time have to hide the pain inside. Cheerful 
cheerful time, but also a deep side; on the surface cheerful, but the heart is very lonely. 
He is hidden a lot of secrets.

On March 12, Park Si Hoo issued microblogging "Local Hero ~ Beak Si Yoon,"
said the actor's name Baek Si Yoon. Hey, small series have to say, Pak agents, although you try
 to use sunglasses to hide from the secret, but handsome, high-profile, or not conducive to
the work of secret officials Ha ~ Cheerful cheerful time, but the pain in my heart hidden deep
 image, before the "Cheongdam-dong Alice" Park Si Hoo played by Cha Seung-jo,
also has a similar double-sided nature.

PSH : Although there are similarities, but on the whole completely different. 
Certainly not behave too exaggerated ...... (laughs). Some roles are more heavy. 
At the beginning, the set of the story was no love lines. Although they focused 
on the agents story but I think it should be added to the love story, so the director said 
he just had the same idea, so please look forward to a little line about love (laughs).

On the way, love is the need to win the thing - Well done, Park agents! Male and female
 and photo stylist. Wow, gorgeous agent partner (porridge)!

In late October, the "neighborhood hero" crew went to Macau for location shooting.
Such a large scale production is one of the highlights of this drama. The cast list is gathered
 Jo Sung-ha, Lee Hyuk-soo, right, "SNSD" members of Kwon Yuri, Choe Yun factors such as
 the strength of popular actors. When turned on, the exposure has started shooting the scenes,
 from Si Yoon's performance to those who co-starred in "neighborhood heroes" have caused
many opera fans and fan expectations.

PSH : There are many senior actor arrived at the scene and gave me a lot of confidence, 
please continue to look forward to.

"Local Hero" first read the script scene photos publicly.

After the official start gradually open the Scenes attracted people's attention. Especially the deep scars Si Yoon's solid muscle and sharp eyes, so that fans expect to add more.

PSH : Former agent for this role, I lost 5 kg. To everyone's expectations every day in the deep pondering roles. I hope you see my best performance, I am now ongoing my efforts to the end.

Still, the actor who's every scar, is a secret, this muscle ~
He decided to try to figure out the role of this character after the beginning of Si Yoon,
wanted to do a better job for fans who have been waiting for him in the drama for long times,
he wanted to convey through the roles and use this new work as his gratitude.

PSH : I want to return to the drama as soon as possible in order to thank fans expect, 
therefore,  in the absence of a decision to do more to prepare the character, very sorry. 
Because a good workis very difficult to encounter with. Fortunately, this works,
I have great expectations. Fans have been great support. Thank you, I will strive to make
 the role more perfect. Your support will become my motivation. I think, through the work 
to show their best form, it is to have everyone's support of my best thanks! I hope that 
the new works to hurry to meet you!

▼ Hoped that the new work quickly to meet you, man of God, and it seems small series of mood is the same as drop ~ I believe that readers can not wait for the king also it ~ Well, look at a "neighborhood hero" concept to solve Trailer quench it: agent said: have a quiet life for the job, but does not easy - because, in calling for justice! Slowly slowly, let me see the Park agents Perak whirlwind shadowless legs!

On December 22, " Local Hero" revealed the two version of the poster, Wow, this gas field, comparable to the Hollywood blockbuster it! So what, quickly and small partners
play chase drama about it: January 23, 2016, the "neighborhood hero" debut!

Credit : PSH_Zone, thank you!

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