Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, October 22, 2017

(Eng sub) MGL : Ep. 16 Preview : Do Kyung's Deal

VIDEO : Episode 16 preview

Credit : Dramacool, thank you!


Jian and Do Kyung are no longer brother and sister. Both of them proposed a deal.
After Do Kyung learned that Jisu is his sister, he went to see her and learned more 
about the twin sisters who grown up together from Jisu.
Ji Ho and Seo Hyun found out about each other's secrets 
and Seo Hyun asked him not to meet each other again. 
Chairman Noh calls Jian come to Yangpyeong 
with Do kyung to spend time with him. ,
Jian wonders whether he knows her identity.

Picture & transcript from Korean blog, A Woman, thank you!

Do Kyung suggests a deal. "

DK : I will lead the ceremony to celebrate the foundation in the future. 
Supervisor: Did you make a mistake at Jian?

DK : My real sister, how are you doing...

"When he learned that Jisu is his sister 
Do Kyung went to see Jisu 
and learned more about the two sisters from Jisu."

Do Kyung : Is this a coincidence ?! 

Do Kyung : Let's make it clear now. 
You and I are not siblings now.

" Ji Ho and Seo Hyun try to find out about each other's secrets
 and ask him not to meet her again. "

Ji-ho: Hi Cinderella ~ ~ Be careful
~ There are a lot of people who aim at you 
Seo Hyun: Now there's bodyguards ~

Hee: I feel bad ~ I have lost my memory ~~ 
Nam-gu: (on phone) Uh-uh ~~

Jin Hee: Father does not see her, 

"The chairman calls Jian to come to Yangpyeong with Do kyung 
to spend some time with him.
Jian worried the chairman may find out about her. "

Jian: Yes, Grandfather. 
Chairman: Left work today and come to Yangpyeong. 
Jian: Today? At Yangpyeong? 

The End 

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