Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Get to know Pikachu, Dinga, and Molang

We don't know how Park Si Hoo will give them to his fans 
but we're already excited to have them, right?^^

Yes, we're talking about these threes!

Their names are ; 

1. Pikachu

The most famous and lovable character from cartoon " Pokemon "

2. Dinga

Dinga, A big lazy cat from Animation VDO below

And Dinga had acted in Korean drama " Master's Son " before!^^

3. Molang

Molang is a lovely chubby, cute adorable ‘pig rabbit’ 
that invented by once was a university student in South Korea, Yoon Hye Ji.  
At first, she made this loving super chubby bunny to represent sticky Korean rice.  
Now its become no.1 popular character in South Korea.

Molang has little friend names " Piu Piu "

In the Video below it's about : Molang, Piu Piu and their friends organise a dancing show. 
But suddenly, Piu Piu catches a bad hiccup which puts the show in danger. 
Molang and his friends do everything they can to make them go away.

Now, we knew who they are and what they are!

What's special about these plush dolls Park Si Hoo posted in his Instagram
 that make them more unique than other dolls you had seen before!

1. Pikachu

If you check on Google, you will see millions of Pikachu dolls 
but less with eyes close with eyelash down resting

But PSH's Pikachu, it's eyelash will go up like laughing!

See! How they're different!^^

2. Dinga

Regular Dinga will look like this

But PSH's Dinga has thicker whiskers!^^


3. Molang

Regular Molangs have " Pink " cheek

PSH's Molang has " Red " cheek!^^

Besides he's such a unique actor himself, 
his dolls are the same as their master! Hahaha!

Make you feel they are even more special to have, right?^^

๐Ÿ˜  Wish you luck to own one of them or all! ๐Ÿ˜

Credit : google & Youtube, thank you!


  1. Thanks for the detailed description of fluffy characters. This way, I was able to know them. And what a good observation you got, Nikki!

    1. You're welcome, Dana! And thanks for the comment, it's fun!^^

  2. Hello Nikki, Thank you for this highly educational introduction ! And Wow.. you are so observant!

    1. You're welcome, SueLynn! Thanks for the internet world anything is possible!^^