Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Today is our D-Day & A Happy New Year day to all Park Si Hoo's fans!

Not much to say, I'm sure all of us are so excited as much as our actor is!^^

Let's pray for the success of this drama " Local Hero " & Park Si Hoo together!

Many of us don't have a chance to watch live but I know we will wait to hear the report 
from our friends in Korea. Please stay tune & be alert, no matter what time it will be! 
We will bring it here as son as possible!^^

My experience with Park Si Hoo's previous dramas while it's on air, told me that 
after the first broadcast started, there will be tons of information from OCN 
and other news pouring in. More episodes, more news will come.

With little times we have, Son of Buyeo need to adjust & reorganize our blog a little bit!^^

1. We will post only update information, Photo, VDO , News we found!

2. We no longer prepare the post in the evening. 
But if you see some new posts that means we just upload it.

3. Our report has no time limit, it's up on when the story comes in 
and we have time to post then we will do it right away!

Just thing of us as if we were...

" Park Si Hoo's CNN News " 

Thank you for your support as always!

PS : After you finished watching " Local Hero's episode"
Please feel free to tell us how do you think about it!

Thank you!

~ Son of Buyeo ~

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