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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, June 16, 2017

(Updated) Interview Report : Park Si Hoo's performance at Drama Festival Tour

This interview posted by a Japanese news blog called
 " Rediscovery South Korea Official Blog " Thank you!

Very interesting!

"Park Si Hoo starring Drama · Festival! Great Thanksgiving Tour" 
~ Hero of Osaka without name - Report ♪

Yorobun Annye Haseyo ~ ♪

June 11 (Sun) at Osaka Kishiwada Nanike Hall
"Park Si Hoo starring Drama · Fes! Great Thanksgiving Tour" 
- Hero of Osaka without name -Was held! 

This time he will have two shows at the daytime section and the night section.

Rediscovery staff interfered in the night part ♪

Mr. Si Hoo who appeared in a cool appearance of black leather jean.
"He said Osaka is my guard!!" He said with a serious dialogue,
A little laughter spilled ... ^^;
Try it over again! 

The people overlooking the venue and seeing you at the daytime show are coming · · ·
Just the seat has changed.

Daytime performances were over and the night performance was not nervous
Mr. Si Hoo, affordable.
"I want to have fun with everyone," relaxing mood.

Schiff, who arrived in Osaka the day before the event,
He took a walk around the city of Osaka.
When Mr. Shiff walking around the city of Osaka on the screen is projected
Every fans says "Eh ~ Shifu-san was broken like this ~"
The cheers caught up.

It seems that some people were accidentally encountered in the venue ♪

Well the title of this event
"~ Heroes of Osaka without name" ~ In that,
A shooting scene of "No Name Hero" was projected.

Q: There were scenes to fight using various tools,
 What's most impressed?
A: Most scenes fought with bare hands, so it remained the most memorable.

Q: What is your favorite scene (cool scene)?
A: In the action scene, it is a scene that fights 20 to 1 people.
 I remembered that the scene with a mask was a bit stuffy.

【True hero showdown in game! It is! 】

Former hero of Osaka appeared! It is! Showdown with Mr. Shiff.
If you play four games, win three, you become a true hero!

① Lung capacity confrontation (balloon sports game)
 Shiff 's victory overwhelmingly! 
② Turn-kick confrontation
 Shiff 's victory with a beautiful turning kick! 

③ instantaneous power showdown
 (Play the scissors with a hammer and a pot and play the head with a hammer)
 Here also Shihu 's instantaneous power wins and victory!

④ Rhythm confrontation (Dance in accordance with the music, 
decide victory with audience applaud)
 Shifu is different from the song I was thinking, while being slightly shy ...
 Once stopped, chore well the second time, show off the dance! It is!
 Mr. Shif's victory this time too! 

A true Osaka hero is decided by Shiff! It is!

Mr. Shih also faced a very happy confrontation and every fans 
looked very happy he was supporting the showdown.

【Acting with fans】

Situation that Shifu helps fans who are in trouble

① The heel suddenly broke on the way while walking on the road,
  Mr. Shif appears in a place I am in trouble.

Mr. Shif said the heal is broken and the fans are in trouble
Back up and carry her to the bench and gently helped "Are you OK?"
A big applause from the hall! It is!

② Although it rained suddenly on the way home, 
I do not have an umbrella. Shifu appeared there

Si Hoo said It is raining and she does not have an umbrella
He took off his jacket to replace the umbrella!
Mr. Shif as expected.

Both situations were perfectly helpful,
He got a fan's heart.
【talk show】

Q: How many times have you been in Osaka?
A: I think that it is the second time.

Q: Where do you want to go?
A: I want to eat Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki.

Q: How do you feel about going on a trip?
A: I want to do shopping, I want to eat delicious items, 
and I also want to shoot various things.

Q: Do you like amusement parks?
A: I have never been to USJ, but I'd love to go.

Q: How about a roller coaster?
A: I like it.

Q: Please talk with the Kansai dialect
A: Show off a good Kansai dialect "Do not overdo it in my place!" 

After that, Shihu enjoyed touching hands with fans around the venue

He also performed songs by playing piano! 

I think that I can show another figure again in Tokyo performance.
And I hope to come back to Japan and study Japanese as well.
Today I had a wonderful time with everyone and I had a very good memory.

Let's meet in Tokyo too! 
I will do my best for my next work.
Please support me. I love you.

Mr. Shif who finally gave a wonderful greetings.

After the greeting he was also showing songs,
Fans got together and got excited.
After the event, a high touch group was held and enjoyed touching with fans! 

I'm looking forward to the future work of Si Hoo

※ This time Shif's event was held in Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo and three places.
 Events at each venue are different each time, the taste has been felt, and for fans
 It was an event that I was able to see various Shifu.

The pattern of Fukuoka performance

The pattern of Tokyo performance

Credit : Rediscovery South Korea Official Blog, thank you!

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