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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, June 16, 2017

(Updated) Karepo News : "Interview report" Park Si Hoo, fascinated by outstanding action! "Park Si Hoo Drama · Fes! Great Thanksgiving Tour 2017" is held!

** Updated : After reading the entire interview, 
I decided to add more pictures to match with the answers 
Park Si Hoo give to the reporters, hope you like it! 😊

This news gave you a lot of details about 
the event and nice photos!

Popular actor Park Si Hoo active in dramas and movies, such as "Kim Dynasty Version
 Romeo and Juliet" and a highly-valued era drama " The Princess'  Man", to convey 
appreciation to the fans Official event in Japan for the first time in 8 months 
"Drama · Festival starring Park Si Hoo! Big tribute tour 2017" was held.

The performance picks up different roles for each performance
from among numerous appearances
such as "Nameless Hero ", "Cheongdam-dong Alice ", 
"Prosecutor Prince" and the attraction of the drama and drama Reproducing the name scene
 of the drama festival that can only be performed by Park Si Hoo.
On Thursday, June 15, he finished the final performance at the Tokyo Dome City Hall 
after he finished the performance in Fukuoka and Osaka.

Night part "~ A grandiose action! Dark Seung Yu VS" Shadow's hero Shyun ~ "will be on stage 
and a big sacrifice will come down to the stage, as a hero of" Namonomi Hero <Hero " 
 And the opening action scene with a sense of speed by Park Si Hoo who started his appearance.
A silhouette of Park Si Hoo that is reflected in the grand curtain
full of exquisite lighting. 

The action scene full of presence was reproduced, and robbed the audience's eyes instantaneously.
At the first greeting "I thought about showing everyone a powerful figure, I tried actions 
behind the bamboo shoots, but I feel a little bit of satisfaction as I am," he smiles bitterly. 
On the other hand, he responded to the fans who applaud their warm applause
 with "soft thank you ~" with soft expression and charm, and made the venue warm.

At the talk corner, to looked back on the numerous action scenes of “Local Hero "
 and asked "If you will score your own action scene in the drama?"
PSH :  "About 70 - 80 points? (Haha) "humble answer. “

The question "Which is harder to beat and be beaten?"
 "It is difficult, but I think that it is more difficult to be beaten, well
I do not get beaten much (laugh)" and he shows off his smile.

To the question "What is your favorite action scene in this drama?" I think that 
"actions using shoes' strings are what I had never had, and also 20-to-1 actions remembered

I am looking back. " Here is the request from the MC "You said you were not satisfied 
with the actions you showed earlier, do not you see it again without a curtain?"

"Yes, I will do my best!" Action is started again. Park Si-hu's crispy turning kick 
and explosions burst, and fans got up with admiring voices. In the end, it was a polite 
Park Si Hoo who will guide the opponent's role to the center of the stage and forget 
the worry of honoring. Subsequently, the questionnaire results from fan club members are 
also announced. Which would you like to be able to help with, "Sung Yu" of "Princess' s Man" 
and "Si Yoon" of "Unnamed Hero "? Do you want to go to the gym with which one they ask?

In the questionnaire survey that said that both Shiyun got upgraded.
"I think that Seung Yoo uses a long sword to help others, and thinks that he will ride a horse 
when exercising ... So Si Yoon is more realistic, isn't he?" Park Si Hoo said .

When asked, "Would you like to watch your own drama?"
"I watch well with rebroadcast etc. 
I saw" The princess' s man "many times
and I think that it is quite good (Laugh) "frankly speaking! ".

In the photo time, not only on the stage, but around the venue, even extended to the balcony seat, pleasing the fans. He excited the venue with a fan service that waved hands to 
the second floor seats, making hearts and giving attention to every direction.
In the middle stage, the pattern of the Osaka performance was shown on the screen
like a making image.

After the gift of a special video like a DVD benefit, like appearance of signing a fan 
who greeted me at the airport, the state of the street walking in Osaka at night, 
the state of the rehearsal of the performance, and the long-awaited "Dark · 
The appearance of Suneu.

Dark Seung Yu who turned into a black bundle and Park Si Hoo showcased the performance 
of the sword. Brilliant images, stylish and rhythmic music and stunning collaboration 
of the swordsman made the audience warm.

During practicing this sword fighting, while in the venue
he said "I got injured and got 15 stiches",
he got rough at the meeting, but he said, "Since I was originally a healthy body,
 I cured it very soon," he said, I was relieved.

Looking back on the best scenes of "Princess' s man" with Dark Seung Yu appearing
"I'm preoccupied just by watching a short scene, I think that it is really a masterpiece, 
I am monitoring during shooting Even so, my feelings were coming up. "

At the end of the event, two lucky fans selected by drawing received hugs from Park Si Hoo 
and gifts of two shot pictures. Surprisingly, the admiration voice came up from the venue
to fans who had been kissed by hand.

Lastly, Park Si Hoo said, "This event was like breathing with you, I was able to take back
 the drama so far and remember the old days. You will be able to see me with a new drama soon, 
I would like to receive a cheering for you on that occasion!
"His smile made fans smile with a happy announcement.

As if reading a passionate love letter like a poem, when he revived a reluctant fan, 
he gave a cool smile. In the encore, it appeared in a casual appearance of denim pants 
on a white T - shirt, showed off "Season in the sun" in Korean, and left the stage 
while leaving the freshness of summer.

Coverage: Korepo (KOREAREPORT INC), thank you!
Photo provided: © MENTOR Co., Ltd

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