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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, June 16, 2017

English News : Park Si-hoo, Shin Hye-seon and Lee Tae-hwan to star in "My Golden Life"

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Writer So Hyeon-kyeong has rounded up the cast for her latest.

Sources stated that Shin Hye-seon was looking through the offer of the new weekend drama "My Golden Life". Park Si-hoo is also likely to star in "My Golden Life" as Cha Do-kyeong.

So Hyeon-kyeong wrote "My Daughter Seo-yeong" and "My Husband Got a Family". She is collaborating with director Kim Hyoung-seok in the new KBS 2TV drama "My Golden Life", a story about a woman who has the chance to upgrade her life status and finding true happiness.

Park Si-hoo is taking on the role of Cha Do-kyeong, the only son to the chairman of Haesung Group. Shin Hye-seon's offered character is Seo Ji-an, an employee on the marketing department. Lee Tae-hwan's role is Seon Woo-hyeok, Sin Hye-seon's high school friend and rookie industrial design employee.

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  1. I don’t know, but what I concluded is that nowadays knetizens are more wicked and merciless and intolerant than years ago (look at what happened with Big Bang T.O.P. for smoking weed and he is from a big agency and BB has a huge fanbase) so the long awaited bettering in this area are inexistent but also my hopes that their dictatorship will be annihilated by more and more open minded people who won’t give in at their malice and noisiness were in vain. I hope KBS2 is more serious and steady in offering this role to Park Si Hoo than it was back in 2014 with ‘Golden Cross’. If Park Si Hoo won’t take the role eventually for reasons which we’ll never know for sure as it was the situation with GC it would be way too much irony and I will end being sick of anything golden, I swear. Not that he lost then a big drama or anything, truthfully, but as principle because he is an actor who brought them worldwide prestige and he deserves be treated with consideration.

    1. Thanks for an interesting point of view you shared! It can be frustrated for his fans sometimes. But since 2013 I never lost hope that one day he will make a come back. True heroes who had done good things always suffer and struggle before they can achieve big things. I, you, and many of us are still here till this day because we still believe in him and I am positive, this drama will keep rolling with a main actor names Park Si Hoo and only Park Si Hoo!^^