Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Drama Festival report : His kissing scene & I've had a very happy time!

There are some more details we didn't hear before.

【Event Repo】 Korean handsome actor Park Si Hoo! 
"Park Si Hoo starring Drama · Fes! Great Thanksgiving Tour" held! 
His own kissing scene! "I've had a happy and happy time!"

By Kan Starpress  on July 23, 2017 

Popular Korean actor Park Si Hoo from popular drama "Cheongdam-dong Alice", 
"Heroless name hero <Hero>" (☜ interview is clicked on), a fan meeting theme with the theme 
of drama on which he appeared "Park Si Hoo's leading drama · Festival big big thanks festival tour
 "on Fukuoka · Across Symphony Hall on June 9, day and night at Osaka · Hiroko Hall 
on the 11th of the same day, at Tokyo · Tokyo Dome City Hall on the same 15th 
day and night 2 Times held.

Tokyo's daytime performance on the last day of the tour is the theme of "Prosecutor Princess" 
(1 part) and "Cheongdam-dong Alice" (2 copies). In the Fukuoka performance, you can meet
 the main character of a different drama every time, such as "Princess' s Man", 
"Otaka Performance" "Heroless Hero <Hero" 」and Tokyo's night performance 
the action scenes played by Park Si Hoo It became a dreamlike performance for fans.

The first part of the luncheon performances embellish him with a silhouette of Park Si Hoo
 on the gauze curtain, and dressed as a good-looking lawyer, Soe In Woo, in a suits figure. 
A packed fan shook a blue pen light and gave a cheers.

"Prosecutor's Princess" is a success love story that a new prosecutor of Kim So Yeon 
who is not-so-naïve girls grows as a prosecutor experiencing various incidents, Park Si Hoo
 is a super hero supporting the hero and where I played a solo dog, 
a lawyer with a mysterious face. 

Park Si Hoo develops a talk by looking back at the time of photography while watching scenes 
that the fans of Prosecutor Princess chose to be excited and the images of the moving scene. 
When the kiss scene is projected, Park Si Hoo becomes a telelet, and such a face is seen 
and the fans are delighted.

Continue to do ○ × quizzes on the drama entitled "Search the Prosecutor's Princess, Master!"
 And give 2 shot shots with Schiff to the three remaining victims. Si Hoo gently hugged 
the fans' shoulders, a yellow scream jealous from the audience rose.

The theme of lunch performance is the theme "Love Romance", "Cheongdam-dong Alice", 
which the ordinary girls adore to the pure Cha Seung Jo and the celebr 
who plays Park Si Hoo perform. While looking back on the drama and talking, 
Si Hoo showed off the dance after the drama!

Si Hoo who put on sunglasses coolly went sexy, took off the jacket, danced and further
 down the stage, high touching at the audience seats, made his fans delight.

"I was really happy when I descended to the audience seat and listened directly 
to the voice of my supporters, I had a good time today, thank you very much!", 
The last greeting from him.

In the song, at the end of one copy, Park Si Hoo's original song "Kimi wo ..." (Japanese) 
will be shown. While confetti snow dances at the end of 2 copies, when showing off
 a new song "Do not Leave" with a sweet voice, surprise supporters bringing message boards
 all together happen, and Si Hoo's smile in full faces. 

"Thank you! Sarang Hayo (I love you!)" 

Waving the stage and leaving the stage, the performance ended. 
After this, he went to interact with fans at a high touch meeting.

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Photo © MENTOR Co., Ltd 
text by Shigeki Nakamura

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