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Monday, July 24, 2017

News : Shin Hye Sun finished her recent drama " Secret Forest "

Today there are many news reported about the interviewed with Shin Hye Sun, 
an actress who will be Park Si Hoo's counter part in his new drama " My Golden Life "

And another actress,  Seo Eun Su, who just finished her drama " Dual " as well!

Yes, look like the shooting for " My Golden Life " is ready very soon!^^

You can find the original news from this link :

What I bring to you here are parts of Shin Hye Sun's interview 
that's interesting for us to learn more about her.
An actress who will work closely with Park Si Hoo more than anyone else
 for the next 6 months!

Personal life & acting career

Shin Hye Sun : "I dreamed of being an actor since I was a child ... I am desperate for acting"

Shin Hye Sun, who majored in acting at Sejong University, had dreamed of becoming 
an actress since she was a child, but she started acting career until she was in her mid 20s. 
She made her debut in the KBS drama 'School 2013' in 2013, and now she has been acting 
for the fifth year. She said, "I feel a little sad when I ask myself why I just started," she said. 

"It was not easy to put your foot in here, I did not know how to do it, 
I did not know where to turn the profile, I think I'm on the starting line now."

She said, "The more I play, the more greedy I am." 
"I started to act as age twenty-four, so I was a little late, 
so I was always nervous after my debut. " she said.

"I also want to be famous. I want to be a good actress. 
There are a lot of people who think of me with a bad feeling. I want to be an actor 
who can be seen as an good actress. Because learning is important. 
It is good to go slow. I usually do not spend a lot of emotions, 
but I do a lot of emotional exhaustion in the drama. 
It feels like blood circulation when acting. (Laughs) "

Comment from Medias

" Shin Hye Sun is one of the actors who do not miss the word 'transformation' 
every time they enter a new work. "

Shin Hye Sun was attracted by the resemblance of beautiful Chinese actress Tangwai.

Drama " My golden Life "

Shin Hye Sun chose KBS 2TV weekend ' My Golden Life' as her next drama.

"I am going to play a woman who hit the wall in society in the late 20s, 
and I am determined to appear because there are many parts that 
I can sympathize with." 
"I would like to have another joyful encounter," she said.

Her character in " My Golden Life "

" I am acting as a person begins with a life of reckoning. 
Before that, she was a child who had no limitation for her life, 
but she leaned against the wall of reality. 
It is a lot of irony that she has to succumb with a reality. 
So she realized that she can not depend on her parents and try to live tough. 
Melo will be there, but it is a family life that's more important part. 
Relationship between parents and siblings. The relationship between siblings, 
the emotions of each one of them will be expressed 
so that they can relate to each other. " 

Shin Hye Sun expressed the new character as "candy in one dimension", 
but again it is not an easy role. "She was a child who lived well in the house, 
and seemed to have no problems, but the family was collapsed, 
and she has to confront the society, and she would succumb to the reality. 
I think the character is the same age as me, but her life is a true device, 
 I may be less comparison to Seo Ji An. 

First time as leading actress

I fell burdensome to lead the drama as well as being the main character 
of the first weekend drama.
So I had cut my long hair short to fit as a sales contract worker 
who lives in a "deprived mode" 
while her father's bankruptcy was the tilted condition. "

This is the first time to take on a leading role. I feel good, 
but I have a feeling of burden. 
"I'm trying very hard to act not to be too pitiful, not to be too arrogant," 
"I'm going to shoot soon, I saw the schedule list, 
I will be in every shooting scene, 
I am very happy. "

Her relationship with the scriptwriter, So Hyung Kyung

Shin Hye Sun said, "I am really glad that I'm a fan of So Hyung Kyung, 
and I will do my best to show good work with good writers, director and staffs." 

It is Shin Hye Sun who has been working as a 'fairy tale' in various works before, 
but this is actually the first time she is going to be a heroine. Shin Hye Sun, 
who recently just finished reading the script, said, 
"It's true that the shoulders are getting heavy, but the atmosphere is good, 
and the teachers are so well-centered, she said. 

" When asked about the secret of being able to captivate the hearts of 
well known scriptwriters such as Park Ji Eun and So Hyung Kyung, 
she shuddered. "I do not know (laughs) But one thing for sure, 
I'm very active when I'm working, and I thank the authors for all many little things 
I did in my previous works. I think I'm just lucky enough to be able to work with my idols. 

Shin Hye Sun : " She (So Hyung Kyung) also was the first person who told me 
that I would act in drama 'My Golden Life '  

Park Si Hoo

 ' My Golden Life' will be broadcast follow KBS 2TV weekend drama 
'My Father is Strange' in September. It is said that she will be in a relationship 
with actor, Park Si Hoo as the main characters. 

Shin Hye Sun and Park Si Hoo will take on the leading roles. 
"I think he's a person who really can express his emotion through the characters
 in a delicate way. He can express the sensitive feelings so well when he wanted to.
I'm afraid if I will be able to do that " 

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  1. She finished her work on Secret Forest because her character was killed! In addition to talent, Shin Hye Sun has cold blood. To film such a scene and look livid on the autopsy table is scary.