Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

TPM : The name of drama that " one scene " had made deep impression on you!

Title in Japanese not exactly the same from Google translation
but the title I used probably more direct to the topic!

Really like this article!

They picked 2 dramas that had memorable remarks
And analyze it, cool!

In popular Korean drama, there are many series that suitable for this case 
One symbolic work is "The Princess'  Man" and " The court chaplain vows". 
There is a connotation that makes a remarkable of this time's speech as well.

◆ "The Princess' Man"

" Please live and come back to kill me "

It is a word to be exciting. 

However, knowing its true intention makes me realize the feelings of those who said it. 
The person who said it was Moon Chae Won, a heroine of drama " The princess of man". 
She is the daughter of a cruel Prime Minister (Su Yan) 
who takes away the throne from his nephew. 

It is the protagonist, Seung Yu (Park Si Hoo) that she told so. 
His father was killed by the lead.
 In other words, the beloved Se Ryung was the daughter of his enemy. 

Seung Yu who swears to revenge, got caught and put in the prison. 
Execution is inevitable. And Se Ryung had come to visit him.

Seung Yoo who knew the identity of Se Ryung tries to choke her neck. 
It is an act of hate. Or was he offended by being deceived? 

However, Se Ryung was thinking only about her beloved Seung Yoo

When she said "Please come and kill me", 

Seung Yoo may burned and survive even by whatsoever. 

"I want you to be alive in any way, I want you to be alive" 
With that wish,  make Se Ryung said those fearsome words. 

Really feel overwhelmed by the power of the dialogue.

Credit :, thank you!

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