Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Unexpected encounter with Park Si Hoo in Buyeo during Lotus Festival part # 1

Yes! Can't be anyone but our Qiu Qiu again, thank you!!^^

We will give you a brief introduction how Qiu Qiu had run into him ... again!^^

Qui Qiu went to Lotus festival without expecting she would met him there 
But bbefore she would head to the festival she decided to go to Ha): Poom cafe and Mimi cafe 
just to check it out after seeing Park Si Hoo posted his pictures from there!
( Other fans will do the same, not just her!^^ )

And in that moment,  she spotted his black SUV parking at the parking lot at Mimi cafe 
So she decided to take a closer look to check the license plate
 and sure enough she recognized his license number! Yes, it is really his SUV! 

She didn't go inside the cafe, just walked around the area and wait for him 
to come out because she knows the cafe will be closed at 5 PM. 
So someone who was in must come out before the closing time!^^

And finally luck is on her side again! 

Yes, Park Si Hoo and his friends were walking out from the cafe toward the parking lot.
Qiu Qiu wouldn't waste her time, she ran up to him and call his name.... 


The rest, please read it by yourself below... you can read her description 
how Park Si Hoo reacted after he saw her...Hahaha!

Qui Qui, you are the luckiest girl in this fandom so far!^^

Cafe Ha :) Poom

Here is Qiu Qiu's words!
(Translated by Google)

Taking pictures outside these area ready to leave the house to go to the south side of the noodles shop inadvertently turned around and saw the empty parking lot is good. So I turned around 
to see two cars parked in the distance in which a car feels like Si Hoo's SUV. In that moment suddenly thought: does it really Si Hoo brother's car would not let him ...... then I started getting really little nervous I walked slowly approached the car step by step through 
the heart thump a bit of dancing ... when I went up to see the license plate number. 
I really scared it's really Si Hoo brother's car ~

The store is open from 11:00 - 17:00, Si Hoo brother came really late after all more people 
came earlier. This time to see if Si Hoo brother's car will be What should I do? I will be here 
wait for Si Hoo brother to come out ~ ~ I think anyone would do the same thing as my idea : 
If Si Hoo finished he should go to Cafe so it's very close after all ...... Well I just had this idea
 then left the side stroll around to the nearby river bank, I do not want to see Si Hoo brother
 right now I will wait for him near his SUV.

Shopping for a while then went back to see Si Hoo brother's car still parked on the roadside embankment in front of the people, but where to go then I am curious to look around then...
I heard a laughter from the distance and voices of the brother is Si Hoo's laughter followed after the other laughter and looked at Si Hoo brother and friends looked like they're coming out from the park next to the cafe parking lot around because his friend's car parked over there, then Si Hoo brother's car also started to open. I quickly ran up just a few steps
 to recall my past and today, fortunately Si Hoo's friends slowly pace away ah....

To Be continue...

Credit :, thank you!

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