Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ENISHI Tour 2016 : From Mentor at Weibo

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"ENISHI" reader Limited Special Events 2016 Events Premiere disclosed!

朴施厚日本后援会Mentor  2016-07-11 17:21:20 举报 阅读数:183
Park Si Hoo Japanese fan club Mentor 2016-07-11 17:21:20 Report Reads: 183


『PARK SI HOO ENISHI 读者限定特别活动2016』

And Si Hoo's Dramas show off colorful fireworks in the night sky, 
Build summer last precious memories!
"PARK SI HOO ENISHI reader Limited Special Events 2016"
Phoenix tree ~ ~ "

■ opportunity for close contact with Hoo!

1. 与施厚击掌!
1. Si Hoo and clap!

2.     共赏施厚未公开特别影像!
2. Hoo's Dramas undisclosed special features!

3.     赠送施厚亲笔欢迎卡片<※印刷的亲笔书写欢迎卡>
3. Get Hoo handwritten welcome card <※ printed handwritten welcome card>

4.     进入后台待机室的机会!
4.  The opportunity to go to the back stage!
 <5 lottery winners who participate in activities from, 
after the event into the back stage at waiting room
 close communication face to face with Si Hoo>

5.     与施厚一同玩游戏&近距离接触的环节!
5. Play games together with Hoo & close contact link!

※ In order that we can make more enjoyable to participate in activities, 
we are planning together with Hoo content!

Example> in the game and the winning team can take group pictures and other Hoo ,,, 
will determine the specific activities the first time to inform you.

Credit :, thank you!

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