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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

News : Park Si Hoo will return to the new weekend drama 'My Golden Life' after 5 years

This news just posted this morning, June 6, 2017

Look like Hoo factory had confirmed Park Si Hoo's acceptance 
for the role in drama " My Golden Life " 

This is a part of the news...

" Park Si Hoo's agency, Hoo factory said 
"Park Si Hoo has announced his comeback, 
saying that he will resume his activities in Korea soon
 to express gratitude to fans who have been waiting for him... "

Actor Park Si Hoo finally will appear on KBS 2TV, new weekend drama
 'My Golden Life'. 


Link to the news :

Full article

Park Sihoo returns through Television 

Park Sihoo, after his agency, said, "Park Sihoo has announced his comeback, 
saying that he will resume his activities in Korea soon to express gratitude to the fans 
who have been waiting for him. 

Actor Park Si Hoo finally will  appear on KBS 2TV new weekend drama 'My Golden Life'. 

' My Golden Life' drama is supposed to be responsible for the weekend theater 
as a follow up to 'My father is strange'. 

' My Golden Life' is a drama where a woman who has come up with an opportunity to raise 
her status as a goldsmith falls into hell and finds happiness in her life. 

KBS 2TV is a new weekend drama with the pain and loneliness of the men 
who lived in the name of being the father who was forced to watch his child 
who was sick of his life born of a dirt cutter. 

Park Sihoo plays Choi Dae-kyung, the head of the group strategic planning department, 
as the only son of Haeseong Group in the play. 

It is the role of the chaebol III, or goldsmith, who is returning from the MBA in the United States
 and learning to become a group leader as determined. 

Park Sihoo came back to the public in the weekend drama "Golden My Life," five years
 after SBS 'Cheongdam-dong Alice' broadcast in December 2012. 

Park Sihoo at OCN 's hero' s production presentation last year said, "It 's only four or five years
 that I have been on stage for this production presentation. It is a new, 
cheerful and trembling period, "he said. 

Park Sihoo also said, "I am happy to have a chance to stand in this position. 
I could not sleep last night. This place is awkward for a long time, 
but I would like you to look pretty. " 

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  1. This is an awesome and long awaited news. I confess that I was hopping for a period drama because I miss him in such role but I'm happy anyway. I know he chose carefully and he'll do his best and as a weekend drama I suppose it’ll have more than 30 episodes so will see him longer and that’s something really good. Congratulations Park Si Hoo and thank you for your perseverance.Thank you Nikki for sharing.

    1. It's 50 episodes, Daniela!^^ I confessed too that I hoped it will be a period drama and will be KBS! At least I got one with 50 episodes bonus! No complaining here. Hahaha!

  2. This is awesome! Congratulations Park Si Hoo and thank you for your coming back!

    1. The whole fandom are very energetic right now. A lot of good news and activities for him, Busy in Japan in June then come back to Korea and start shooting in July, broadcasting in August and so on... With 50 episodes drama usually almost 6 months to finish the shooting! He will be busy till the end of this year, so happy for him!^^

    2. Yeeeyyyy !!! I'm so happy !

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