Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Drama Festival : Merchandises for sale at the venue during the event

There are 4 things ;

1. Five mini dolls in 5 characters upon his dramas

2. Folding fan with love letters in it

3.  Pens with light 

4. Lottery Ticket to get Park Si Hoo's pictures 


It is Park Official Japan Fan Club secretariat.

3 days before "Park Si Hoo starring Drama · Festival! Great Thanksgiving Day Tour 2017 " 

So, we kept you waiting! Just before reunion in Fukuoka !
"Park Si Hoo starring Drama · Festival! Great Thanksgiving Day Tour 2017 "

Event public official sales goods will be released to the public all at once ^ ^

1 . Original Mini Figure! (All 5 kinds) Limit 200 pieces for each figure
Mr. Si Hoo played the master as a figure!
Even at home or at work, always be by your side ...
It is a standing figure that can be decorated anywhere.
★ If you purchased in a set of 5 , will be presented in a special exhibition acrylic case ♪

2. Love Letter traditional folding fan ( 2 types) Limit 250 pieces each limited
Mr. Si Hoo's love sentences (autographed * printed ones )
 that he felt his love and gratitude tohisfans ,
It is an original product decorated with traditional folding fan.

3. support penlight  limit 300 pieces
Si Hoo supporters must-have!
Change the venue with a pen light to full starry sky
Let's have an exciting event with Mr. Si Hoo!

4. Si Hoo lottery
What a prize such as 1 ! Of Si Hoo's 2 -shot shoot!
Please challenge by all means ^ ^

Let 's make the event exciting together until Park Si Hoo comes to Japan! 

■ Inquiries (Weekdays 13 : 00 ~ 17 : 00 )
TEL : 03-6380-3752 FAX : 03-6380-3750 

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