Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Vacation time : Start from Saturday, August 12 ~ Monday, August 21

 It's so hot and it's summer  ☀

Yes, my vacation is calling! πŸ˜€

To our readers and Park Si Hoo's fans

I will take a leave off from

🚣   Sat, August 12 ~ Mon, August 21  πŸš£


With pictures from the shooting scenes and all the excitement going on right now!

I will try to update you whatever it's important
Or good to know during my vacation! 😊
( No need to feel bad for me, I can't ignore to check his news anyway 😜  )

And one more thing ...

I would like to remind you again
In case some of you missed that information

This link from my previous post

About I would like to dedicate this blog for Park Si Hoo's new drama

 πŸŒΉ   My Golden Life 🌹

Any topic that doesn't effect directly to this drama, 
I will leave it to other fans to inform you.

Thank you for all your support for Park Si Hoo

Hope all of you will get some break from the heat as well!

Otherwise see you again on August 21!

Have A Great Summer, everyone! πŸ’–

🏊    πŸŠ   🏊


  1. Have A Great Summer! Have a Great Great Vacation! You deserve it! Thanks for all! Anna

    1. Thanks, Anna! Hope the weather's better at your place!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Wilma! How's the weather over there? It's very hot at my place. Need to take it before all the excitement starts to kick in!
      Take care and have a wonderful summer!^^

  3. At the moment the weather is more like Autumn than Summer overhere, Nikki. Yesterday we had a real drop down in temperature to an average of 16 degrees C. and a lot of rain and wind. Today is somewhat better, but temperature still below 20 degrees. No idea if it will get any better and how long we have to wait for it! For now I am already happy when the rain stays away!

    Yes, within a few weeks the craze will be all over. Meanwhile, enjoy your free time and beware of the heat!^^

    1. Wow! Sound a lot better than mine! Just hot! No rain! Temperature about 85 -95 F. And enjoy your Autumn weather over there!^^

  4. Hi Nikki! Have a nice holiday!

    1. Thank you, Kata! And you too, take care!^^