Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Unexpected encounter with Park Si Hoo in Buyeo during Lotus Festival part # 2

Let's continue....

He finally caught up fast behind him in the back, I shouted : 오빠 ~~ 
He should hear it and that moment he suddenly turned around. 

How to describe Sihoo brother's face, ha ha!

He really quite surprised 😱 ah then follow with laugh it came back ... 
Greeting approached shook hands and I told him : I have come to visit the Lotus Festival. 
Sihoo brother said: You do by yourself - you know I was here? ? ~ 
This question really more ah brother, I told him : I came to visit Lotus Festival did not know 
you were here, I did not expect to see you, brother ~~ 
Si Hoo continued to ask me : Do you really don't know I'm here ?
 this question Brother asked me three times ah I guess he was so unexpected, 
and I just know the play is really unexpected encounters with him he also feels amaze, 
but I could see he was very happy ...... I came to hug him. 
You should not think that he did not attend his lotus festival,
 fans will come but also a coincidence even met him ...... 
for me is a big accident before, after all, 
I think a little bit of an idea that coming to Buyeo may see Sihoo.

 Just because the camera phone has been so Sihoo in his hand holding a cell phone
 to see my brother I said: take pictures Brother ah, this is what I said, oh because the time to 
go to Japan in May at Gimpo Airport with a thickness of Columbia do not think so today photo some pictures too frequently give up bad ~ ~ originally posed the idea did not expect to get such benefits too sudden unexpected ah I transferred the phone taking pictures because it was next to no one else to take it thick brother prepare the self-timer on my phone then came Mahavira day network 
(originally just opened his car) thick brother let him give us a photo shoot.

Qui Qui went to other restaurant & took picture of his pictures on the wall the next day

Last thought before going to Japan ready to make his signed photo in the bag placed 
so this would want him to sign, and I said to sign, he said: You have to take pictures like ...... 
I said to a friend signature thick brother I agreed. Incidentally, I also let him sign a,
 ha ha ~ give my signature when thick brother finished his pen name to stop, said: write it
 what it what it ...... because he will be in the following generic signature write: 행복 해요 ~ ~ Nobita said aside: note the weather was very hot thick healthy ...... brother ignore
 he continued: What to write? ...... Say it several times and finally began to write: 
추평와 만나서 반가워 ~~ good intentions seriously ah good brother thick, 
so Sihoo brother let us not love it ~ ~ How can find photos not selected a black pen 
to sign the point of view is unclear ah ~ ~ but that's okay like this photo. 
Sihoo brother's signature on it ......

In October last year the picture birthday in Macau and thick photo brother also has
 a flushing on the signature of the present house also helped myself out to him looked at him laugh ah 😊 he will think: so much under the photo times not to shoot the station where we talked for a while then he also wanted to how clever you will even encounter it, I shun: 
you send photos that you have fans in Seoul Thailand or do, no one will think of you
 in Buyeu ~~ then came thick Colombian friends and I say goodbye to him ready to leave
 and I went over to hug him again, and will not be pro beat it thicker brother asked me 
where he thought I should go back to Seoul by bus ready I said take me to the station: 
go to the café where it (because I want to eat the bread and milk it) ... waving goodbye
 to leave really completely out of unexpected encounters ah he will also want to be able
 to actually encounter in Buyeo two fans still the same person , or in this case, ha ha ~ 
thick brother in the future will not dare to send some addresses frequented restaurant 
or cafe of it

The End

Credit :, thank you!

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