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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, February 26, 2016

Local Hero News : Park Si Hoo's 6 pictures of behind the scenes

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Actor,  was unveiled to hide can not appeal explosion six kinds of behind-cut-Park Sihoo. 
Park Sihoo on Feb, 23  the first broadcast OCN drama 'Hero of the neighborhood, promising intelligence agents from but now concealed the identity' He is active in the shadow of the town 
as 'baeksiyun. Park Sihoo is from nimble action through baeksiyun station sparks bouncing
 charisma, sly seureowoomyeonseodo free and easy to live smoke naemyeo digest naturally 
acting two-faced dalgugo the home theater. In this regard, Park Sihoo creates a "hero of 
the neighborhood, the set as" pictorial studio ' that this figure was captured. 

Public photos have and concentrate on the scene to shoot the moment that the operation, 
which contained only a charm that does not though, hide situations where walking down the street. 
In particular, Park Sihoo are excellent young eyes, daldalhan smile, chic charisma, such as colorful expressions and gestures it is inspiring to viewers. Incline for a drink while sitting bar, his eyes full 
of excellent, the driving scenes that can be soaked to feel the charm of 'the man''s Park Sihoo have faded a sweet smile while over the steering wheel with one hand is attracting attention. 

In addition, Park Sihoo is wear trendy 'mirror sunglasses, and just one appearance, making 
the car mulssin punggyeo naemyeo the sikeuham are unable to cast a beomjeop' charisma '. Moreover, point out the camera just leaving the actor photographed together in front of 
a pointing finger, romantic 'fingers contact' was sikigido raise the temperature of the field. 

SiO When Park Sihoo is coming heartfelt, spontaneous round to focus on baeksiyun role and 
focused on shooting there is a hilarious scene with a gentle poses. From the moment that he will 
look at the camera eye treatment that eulpeo metabolism toward the relative role brings 
a significant atmosphere. The "Icebreaker appearance," 

Park Sihoo revealed on the set throughout the count, which proves the horsepower as a unique 'yeosim (女心) Sniper' Park Sihoo agency said that "Park Sihoo is for the hero of the 
neighborhood 'baeksiyun station returning in three years all in from head to toe and wrestle 
his best, "he said," for the romance part, please watch Baeksiyun until the last episode. 
They said the end can be different." 

Meanwhile, Park Sihoo the hero of the neighborhood 'OCN drama starring as Baeksiyun 
is broadcast weekly during the Saturday and Sunday afternoon 11. / Photo = OCN' neighborhood hero,"

Credit : OCN, thank you!

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