Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, February 5, 2016

Local Hero : My new post at OCN to support Park Si Hoo & his drama

As I said before, I just do what Park Si Hoo asked fans to do for him!^^

Feel a little strange to be the only one fan who wrote in English over there!

It will be nice to have some friends! 

Can you be my friends?^^

My impression about Episode # 3 and # 4 

 Happy New Year to OCN & Local Hero team! 

After watched Episode 3 & 4, 
 Everything started getting interesting & many secrets waiting to be revealed!

Please don't let anything happen to Mr. Hwang!
 Love him, love to hear him give Si Yoon advice &
 his kindness toward people around him! 
Can't imagine he used to be a shadow at night, dressed up like Si Yoon!

Everyone & everything started coming together in this Neighborhood bar! 

Love every characters...
 Feel pity to officer Im, Chan Gyu's very cute, 
Yuri's very her sparkling eyes a lot!^^
Like Si Yoon's senior, the finger clicking man & the boss with his horse lamp!^^

And the last, Park Si Hoo...Your fans're so thrill watching your acting.

Everytime you appeared in the scene, it really make thing different! 

We sad with Si Yoon for the lost of Jin Woo & his love for Seo Ahn.
The trembling voice when Si Yoon talked to Jin Woo's mother made viewers 
understood the pain & responsibility Si Yoon felt toward the death of Jin Woo. 
A lot of emotions after Si Yoon came back to the bar. 
Your expression with officer Im was so tense.

 And little cute scenes that made us smile to watch you 
between Si Yoon & Writer Bae 
( she's not really impress with her new boss much, is she? ) 
 Wondering how she will react when she found out who is the real shadow 
who came to safe her and her friend twice?^^

My favorite scene for Episode 3 & 4 has to go to ....

" The fighting scene at the end of episode # 4 " 

Before Chan Gyu discovered Si Yoon's identity.
It's so realistic. 
So good as if I were watching a good action movie in theater!

Look forward to the next episode on Feb 13...Hard to wait but you're worth to wait for!

Thank you & have a terrific New Year...Local Hero team!

See you again Next week on OCN, 2/13 at 11:00 pm!

 Thank you 


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Nothing can stop you!^^

Thank you!

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