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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, October 19, 2017

News : Park Si Hoo looked at Shin Hye Sun on the bed caught question of 'confusion'

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 'My Golden Life' Shin Hye-sun is sleeping on the bed is exposed to her dangerous state
 has been opened to attention. In addition, Park Si Hoo's confused look toward 
Shin Hye-sun gives a strange sense of tension. 

KBS 2TV's 'My Golden Life', which has its own highest rating of 32.4% nationwide, 
First released picture of Choi Do Kyung (Park Si hoo) - Seo Ji-an (Shin Hye Sun) 

Previously, Jian after confirmed the switch of their daughter
 about her birth and Jisu (Seo Eun-su), had put all her effort to work for t
he 40th anniversary project of Haeseng Apparel,
Especially, the astonishment of Do Kyung's expressions showed his
sense of tranquility on the screen and raised our curiosity about the future development. 

There was a picture of Jian who was laid down on bed with a pale face. 
She is sleeping, but the cell phone that she holds it tightly in her hand and the suit 
which is caught a glimpse of Jian's psychology pain which seems to prepare 
for the situation she doesn't know how to get out of it. 
Especially, with the truth about herself switch with Jisu, the face of Jian 
who seems to be exhausted by her exhausted life like a lonely day, 
makes the viewers feel exhausted for her. 

Above all, Do Kyung looked confuse by his shaking eyes when he looked at Jian, 
who has fallen asleep as if knowing nothing around her, after encountering a shocking truth.

This is a feeling of distance between Do Kyung and Jian after the confession of tears 
that both of them are not siblings anymore. So what is going to happen 
to them in the future, whether or not he will overlook the danger of Jian.

The production team of "My golden life," said 
"After her tearful confession, Ji-an is holding on to her breath every day, 
and the moment of pain and tensions will continue 
and expecting a crisis in her future." 
"In particular, Jian who had made her choice about the shocking fact 
that it will change the brother & sister relationship also.
Please watch it with a keen interest how the relationship between the two 
will change in the future," he said. 

Meanwhile, 'My Golden Life' is a family drama, which is a generation unlike 
any other generation, who created a golden life experience when the life of a cheeky person 
is lifted by three unemployed women who want to get out of the dirt pool. 
It will be broadcast on KBS 2TV every weekend at 7:55 pm.

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