Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SGC : What is about POPCON K-pop Show ?

Still remember them, right?
After the concert that Park Si Hoo supposed to be their MC on June 28 was cancelled.
And we got over it very fast because our eyes have better place to look for!
Yes! His new drama " My golden Life " of course!

But it must be something going on we don't know because last week 
SGC started posting pictures of Park Si Hoo on their Instagram 
and said..." We miss you & see you soon "

From s.g.c_official, thank you!

We miss you #parksihoo @park_si_hoo_01
see you soon. #서울걸즈컬렉션 #박시후 #sgcsuperlive

And one post they called it.. " POPCON  K-Pop Show "
and they specifically tag Park Si Hoo's name alone too

From s.g.c_official

#sgcsuperlive #sgc #서울걸즈컬렉션 #박시후 #park si hoo

We may have to wait & see again 
Until we will hear anything from Hoo factory!^^

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