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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

MGL : [How this actress develops her acting skill? ] Seo Eun-su, from drama 'Dual → My Golden Life'

Seo Eun Su will play Seo Ji-soo, 
A twin sister of Seo Ji-ahn (play by Shin Hye Sun) 

On this news, they talked about this actress who made a good impression 
with her acting skill from drama " Dual " and a lot of expectation that 
she will do it again in her new drama " My Golden Life "

Great! Look like we got a good teamwork here!^^

Seo Eun-soo has proved her acting potential with actors Jeong Jae-young and Kim Jung-eun, 
as well as Yang Se-yong, a senior at Korea National University of Arts. Her debut feature 
was SBS drama 'The Avatar of Jealousy' which was broadcast in 2016. Seo Eun-soo informed 
her face as a new mother of Songnari (Gonghyojin). Since then, he has been attracting attention 
as a mysterious staff member of Ishdam Hospital in the SBS drama 'Romance Doctor Kim Sabu', 
and has become a rising star who is expected to be cast as a starring role in 'Dual'. 

In particular, Seo Eun Soo has been featured in the drama 'My Father is Strange', 
which is broadcast on KBS2 weekend drama 'Golden My Life'. 'Golden My Life' is a drama 
about the story of a woman who greets her opportunity to raise her status with a gold spoon 
and falls into hell and realizes how to find happiness in her drama. 

The drama 'Brilliant Legacy', 'Inspection Princess' Seo Young is a new work 
by Hyun Kyung Soo, who wrote '' Twoys '' and '' Twenty Years Old ''. 
It is a new work by Hyun Kyung Soo who has set up a record of
 'box office ', so it is expected to play an active role as a fraternal twin sister 
of the main character Su ji Ahn (Shin Hye Sun). 

From the genre of 'Dual' to the family drama 'My Golden life', the innocent and sophisticated appearance that will fit well in any work is also the part that is expected to grow in the future. 
In addition to that, A solid, broad spectrum of acting skills and stable voices are also a part of 
the entertainment industry. The analysis is based on the fact that Seo Eun-soo, whose number 
of works is not very high, was able to grow into a leading actor in a short time with 'Dual' 
and 'My Golden Life' supported by these factors. It is expected that Seo Eun-su will grow up 
to be an actress who responds to everyone's expectation after appearing in both works. 

Credit : Aluemchang, thank you!

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