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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, July 7, 2017

MGL News : Lee Da In will play Park Si Hoo's younger sister ... has joined the ' My Golden Life'

From TV report = Shinnara reporter, thank you!

Actress, Lee Da In joins ' My Golden Life'

KBS2 A new weekend drama 'My Golden Life' 
(directed by Soo Hyung Kyung, directed by Kim Hyung Suk) 
is a dramatic drama depicting the story of a woman who greets her status rise 
and falls into hell and realizes how to find happiness in her. 

Lee Da In will play a sister of the male lead, Park Si Hoo
as Choi Seo Hyun, a cello major. 

Choi Seo Hyun is a 22-year-old college student who has the charm of an innocent girl, 
elegant, graceful, A person who is born as a daughter of a chaebol and lives 
in a conceptual way although she is raised in a perfect environment. 

In the drama, she is going to show the attraction of polar and polarity from a sexy student 
with a cat's eyes to an innocent look like a puppy and a pure-skinned appearance. 
Also, in the play, Choi Do Kyong is playing with soil-cutter and camouflage.

Hein, who made her debut in TVN drama 'Twenty Years' in 2014, is building film work 
at the MBC 'Ring the Woman' and KBS 2TV 'Gallery'. Especially, at the 'Gallery' 
which started early this year, she was recognized as a delicate acting force by showing 
the romance of heartbreaking with Doji-Han (half-length)

'My Golden Life' will be broadcast in September following 'My father is strange'.

Credit : TV report, thank you!

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