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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, July 7, 2017

MGL News : Today is ' My Golden Life' whole script reading .. Park Si Hoo meets Shin Hye Sun

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KBS new weekend drama 'My Golden Life' team up today (7/7) in one place. 

On July 7, At Yeouido, KBS in Seoul, the cast of Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Hyong-seok, 
and Hyun Kyung Soh, the main actor Park Sihoo Shin Hye Sun and Eun Seo Lee, 

'My golden life' is a drama in which a woman who greets the opportunity to raise her status 
as a goldsmith falls into hell and finds happiness in it. It is the work that Kim Hyung-seok PD 
who directed the "Hyun Kyung Soo" of "My daughter Seo Young-ee" 
who led the KBS weekend drama show and the "

Park Si Hoo has been collecting topics for returning to terrestrial dramas in five years. 
Park Si-hoo was Choi Do Kyung, the third-generation chaebol in this work. 

Shin Hye Sun, who showed an impressive performance in the KBS 'Five Kids' 
SBS 'Blue Sea Legend' tvN 'Secret Forest', appears in the heroine Surge. 
She is a bright and pleasant woman who is expected to show off her charm. 

Lee Tae - hwan, Shin Hye - sun 's high school friend Sun Woo Hyuk, 
and Seo Eun - su, Shin Hyesun' s fraternal twin sister Seo Ji - soo. 

After finishing all the casts and preparing , 
' My Golden Life' will begin their shooting on this July 7 after the script reading.
and broadcast schedule will follow 'My father is strange' 

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  1. "... returning to terrestrial dramas in five years"? OCN isn't "terrestrial" only KBS, MBC and SBS are, yeah sure, how well informed they are.

    1. Believe me, I even had to delete some part of this news before I post it here!

      Anyway, today is a good day, we will look ahead & move forward for him!