Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, June 5, 2017

News : Park Si Hoo & Uee are under review for a proposal to star in KBS 2TV weekend ' My Golden Life' .

[OSEN = Park Soo-young] 
Uee is under review for a proposal to star in KBS 2TV 
weekend 'My Golden Life' .

Uee's entertainment agency said on June 5, 
" She has just been offered 'My Golden Life' today.

'My Golden life, "is about a woman who welcomed the opportunity for upward mobility
 in golden spoon but rather falls into hell in that happy drama realize how to find.

Park Sihoo with Uee became the main character of the casting news on the day . 
Park Sihoo and Yui will be watching the audience's privacy in ' My Golden Life '. 

"My golden life 'is' A daughter Seoyoung the 'small prefectural police artist is 
Kim Hyeongseok PD is in charge of the script, my husband got a family' director 
is responsible for. 'My father is strange' is scheduled to follow the radio in August. /

'Golden My Life' is a drama in which a woman who has a chance to rise in status 
with a golded spoon falls into hell and finds happiness in her. 
'My daughter Seo Young Lee' is expecting me to meet with Kim Hyung-suk of
 'Hyun Kyung Soo' who is a writer of 'Hyun Kyung Lee'.

Park Sihoo was the only son of the president of Haeseong Group in the drama 
and Choi Dae - kyung of the Strategic Planning Department. 
The bibliography proposed by Uee is a marketing contractor 
who dreams of a full-time employee.

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