Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, June 5, 2017

Great news : Park Si Hoo offered a new role for KBS Weekend drama " My Golden life "

Today suppose to be my day off but how can I ?

Too Happy and Too Excited!

Park Si Hoo offered a new role at KBS Weekend drama

" My Golden Life "

His role is " Choi Dae Kyung ", 
A chaebol's 3rd generation .

It will start shooting this July and broadcast in August, 2017

Right now we didn't hear the official confirmation from KBS or Hoo factory yet

But as his fans

It's time for us to take our action and feedback for this news!


Please go to these news link and show them your comment and support Park Si Hoo right now!

( Our Korean fans just told me, unfortunately there are many negative comments in there )

So not just showing our happiness but it's time for us to show them our voice
 loud & clear to KBS and the whole world what we're atand for!

Link  to show your support for this great news :

If there are more, please support them all!

Thank you, everyone!

**PS : You can use twitter or Facebook account to write your comment!

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